Cheap Rust Proof Sealey Galvanized Steel Sheds

If you’ve spent a pretty penny, nay Squillions on tools, you may well be considering where to keep them safe and secure. A Sealey galvanised steel shed like those pictured below could well do the trick. If like many home owners you have experienced being burgled or succumbed to the annual storms and your last cheap garden shed wrecked. You may think a bank of England deposit box may be the best option. Though quite expensive and a little hard to get at when you need the lawnmower.

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Some may think a steel shed is unsightly, quite they’re not a gazebo or an architectural feat but you are after a cheap steal garden shed. That doesn’t mean it need not be the best for its category. For starters these are green, so can easily be dressed or hidden by plants, trees, bushes and over hanging baskets should you desire. The apex roof and overall design means it would like nice still tucked in a corner for all to see.

The first image shows a 3 metre wide by 3 metre length by 2.1 metres height galvanised steel shed. If it wasn’t for the door’s width being more narrow, you could probably fit your car in this purpose built garden shed. Although the way electric cars are going, you might be able to squeeze one in. At little over £600 and if you have a large garden, this is a perfect walk in space to not only store tools, lawnmower but garden furniture in the winter and bikes.

There are several different sizes of these Sealey garden sheds, ranging from the behemoth 3 metre squared to a more space saving 1.5 metres by 80 cms. it all depends what your current needs are, future demands and of course your budget. If you have a 5 metre square garden, buying the largest may well make a nice winter retreat but quite unnecessary. Have a think what you wish to store away in the cheap steel storage shed.


Shown: 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.9 Metre Sealey Galvanised Steel Shed.

What Is A Sealey Galvanised Steel Shed?

Most metals corrode over a period of time when in contact with water, being outside in the UK climate this is bound to occur often. When considering buying a cheap steel shed you would wish it to be strong and stable in the wind and ultimately rust proof. This is exactly what a Sealey galvanised steel shed is. A rust proof and sturdy yet cheap storage shed.

Each of the steel panels are coated with a protective zinc layer. This is a procedure whereby the panels are hot dipped into the solution which then remains on panels once removed. While it’s not a 100% rust proof solution, because the steel attacks the zinc internally too. If properly maintained with other sprays and coatings when deterioration is noticeable or as a preventative measure, these galvanised steel sheds should last decades.

Shown: Galvanised Steel Sheds With Sizes 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.9, 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.9, 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.9.

As they are secure and come with a cross bolt and eyelet for a chosen padlock, you can have peace of mind in that someone would have to make a lot of noise to get inside. Place children’s bikes, toys and swimming pools. Sports equipment and garden furniture and Dad can organise his football magazines and tools inside the sturdy and rust proof galvanised steel shed,. Knowing full well should a storm hit, everything inside will probably be safer than the house you’re living in.

Cheap Steel Sheds Provide Security For Tools

Sealey is the manufacturer of these fine steel sheds, also being a brand name in tools they know you need somewhere long term to protect your investment. Tools are far from cheap and while these cheap steel sheds are quite inexpensive, you need to know that anything you do place inside will stay there. Of course you are not buying into Fort Knox. If you want security lights, alarms, guard dog and additional padlocks then can be assured by you.

As far as these Sealey steel garden sheds go they are built to house tools. Small enough for the handyman keen on DIY at home and large enough for the tradesman. Whether a plumber, builder or electrician, all manner of tools and high end machinery could be kept within these four walls. From cement mixer to tool boxes and electrical lighting. Kept safe from the weather thanks to the galvanised steel panelling and bolted to the ground, should you with, with the supplied bolt down kit.


Shown: Steel Shed With Zinc Coating 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.5 Metre

Whether for private home use or for business or on site, a galvanised steel storage sheds is not unsightly and will save you time and effort in the long run. It may even deter would be burglars as steel shed whether a cheap shed or not, is a lot harder to get into than one made of wood. If you need additional space because the loft and garage is too crowded, for £200 to £600 you can expand your storage options overnight. Find out more about the galvanised steel sheds here.