Skate On Thin Ice With Starbucks

Starbucks are offering everyone the great opportunity to win tickets and skate on thin ice with them at The National History Museum Ice Rink this Winter. All you have to do is guess where the Starbucks Cups are and enter by mentioning @StarbucksUK on Twitter with the location of the red cups pictured below. Reply or retweet using this twitter link.

This is of course a spoof of their current competition to win tickets at the Ice Rink, albeit with a different location pictured. Which for those not owning a plane, into aerial photography and offering flights over Nottingham, is the Headquarters of HMRC in the UK.

In November 2012, Starbucks, Amazon and Google are all being questioned by a committee looking into the tax affairs of several huge conglomerates who seemingly avoid paying the correct taxes.

One of the funniest and oddest cases is that of Starbucks who appear to circumvent all known tax systems and despite their popularity on the UK high street, remain in the UK for image sake alone and make a continual loss. With the twisted view by management that their loyal yet failing operations manager be promoted to run operations in the United States instead.

So for image sake we at Squillions have joined in too. This is a spoof. If you wish to win tickets to skate on thin Ice with @StarbucksUK and the Natural History Museum Ice Rink we suggest you don’t  mention their cups are at HMRC in Nottingham. We’re off for a Mocha Lightly taxed Frappuccino and a Starbucks Refresha in accountancy.

Once again, this was a mince pie lie and a seasonal twizzle. Use your Lemon Loaf  Starbucks or it’ll be a Rocky Road! Reply to our spoof tweet on twitter here.