Sports Fitness Clothing Technology Becomes Fashion

There’s usually a ground breaking moment when technology escapes the realm it was discovered for and crosses into the parallel world of you and I. The general public. It’s marked by the Microwave, the Internet and fibreglass and composite materials. So what’s all that got to do with the clothes you wear and sports fitness clothing technology?

Everything and nothing, you need not care about anything else and just click through to Under Armour sports wear and discover a world of on trend sports clothing. You don’t need to hear about walking in the mountains and staying dry from the inside out. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked up a mountain with 80% inclines but it involves burning calories which leaves you perspiring rather a lot.

Without going into too much detail this early on, some clothing only tries to prevent water from getting through and half don’t do that very well – especially when faced with Railtrack’s wrong kind of rain or mist scenario. So it would be a bit much to ask for that layer to ‘breathe’ also and let all that sweat and built up moisture escape too. The feeling is of discomfort over time and with twenty five miles to go until shelter, that’s not good. But that’s why they produced UA Storm.

You also don’t need to understand how or why runners continue their sport in the middle of Winter. Similar to walking up that mountain, only this time it is -10 outside. When you go out in your duffel coat, seal gloves and five layers how far can you get when running? Run? Ha, two metres? Why do runners need to wear clothes, doesn’t the running keep them warm? Sports fitness clothing technology enables runners to stay light weight, warm, keep sweat at bay and stay dry. Just like your multi layered Walrus Winter wear does. Hence the production of ColdGear.

What may peak your interest is the fact that before you read this paragraph you were probably unaware that, how in the searing heat people who do sports and use Under Armour sportswear clothing don’t get bogged down in sweat. The lesson we mere mortals are beginning to learn is that most clothing materials are not fit for purpose. That there are actually sports companies on the edge of fashion that invest millions into discovering technology that in the end can crossover to the fashion cat walk and dress the likes of you and I.

Wouldn’t it be nice as a citizen in Romania or Greece or as a tourist, in Egypt or Equatorial Guinea, to be able to take a stroll at high noon. Even Barcelona at 3pm while many are on their Siesta. Without sweating like an English dog (yes I’m English and regularly get snipered by the high noon sun) typically does abroad, away from his or her comfortable 65 degree climate. Imagine wearing sports fitness clothing that manages your skin’s surface temperature. Don’t imagine, choose Under Armour’s HeatGear.

Sports Fitness Clothing Technology For Sports People

I learned from an early age that if you are going to go Canoeing, Orienteering, Camping or any other outside sport or activity, that you don’t do it in new clothes or nice clothing you would like to wear a week on Tuesday. At some point you come to realise that there are types of mud on this planet and grass stains that simply do not wash out. No matter how many times you moan at Mum or how the detergent packaging claims to make everything pristine again.

Over the years I have partaken in most water and land based endeavours that involve the wilds and nature. Minus the air, I wasn’t born with wings but the flippers fit. From the age of eight to forty, ranging from a child’s average weight to puppy fat to a peak body any 19 year old would be proud of to being 17 stone and 11 stone. I am not what you would call a sportsman but I do enjoy outdoor sports and activities.

Fast forward fifteen years from that active teen and when looking to lose five stone, I did so in old clothes, old shorts, old trainers, old sweat top and ran around a field three times a week, five miles a time for five months. No gym, no machines, no team of fitness technicians, just me, old clothes and a local park. But could it have been easier? The company this article is about is hoping so.

I don’t need to look fashionable to lose weight. I’m not out there to impress anybody nor gain new friends. Though at the bottom of this article I will let you into a little known secret about clothing for sports fitness and indeed sports and clothing for outdoor activities. This world when it comes to personal issues is not about fitting in according to the other person’s rules or ideas. For me, it’s about what fits me and what I wish to achieve and strive for.

Fashionable Sports Clothing For Fitness Fauxs

Now you’re probably thinking I’m getting my paragraphs mixed up, but no. There are people out there that probably have the heart and mind in the right place when they join a gym. Yet never really go. They spunked an exorbitant amount of money on the latest kit as training sportswear and fitness clothing but won’t ever use it for that purpose. Was it a waste? Or did you meet that partner and use it for the purpose which you originally intended? Hey I’m not knocking you, get in there son…

No it probably wasn’t a waste, because in today’s society appearance is everything. I have seen 25 stone men wearing Nike shoes, just to go out and get their shopping. There are 22 year old financial city whizz women prancing around in specific training tech and branded jogging bottoms to take their children to school and then go on to sit down all day. Sports fitness clothing crosses boundaries that involve determination, pride, comfort, usability and fashion as well as life’s daily grind such as shopping, driving, watching the telly and going down the pub. Though the scientists didn’t mean that to happen, the marketing people did.

Any number of fit looking people can adorn sports fitness clothing and look the part. It doesn’t matter that the genetics of Mum and Dad means they could eat twelve doughnuts a day and still look slim and gorgeous. The adverts on the telly show fit people wearing fitness and sports clothing. They don’t show fat people wearing fitness clothing, why? WHY?

Why not show a 17 stone man running around the park sweating, and then sweating less while wearing Under Armour technology. It’s called wicking away. I apologise to Americans that might be reading, that I won’t be using the term Jock to describe an avid athletic who sweats. That may be the realm this company’s founder originated from but I’m sorry to say it conjures up an image of a jock strap and that’s one sweaty thing I don’t wish to continually read or contemplate.

As that 17 stone man running around a park in a pullover top, I came back drenched. However, if I was alerted to the fact that MicroThread or HeatGear or CoolSwitch could have made that thrice weekly five mile jog easier, allowing me to jog six or seven instead, I’d have been more determined. Overweight people need to know this stuff, faux fitness clothing freaks are fit people who already know they look good in the sportswear.

“I just got in from the gym” No you didn’t, you just jogged in from the pub after watching Millwall on the telly. You’re sweating because those Sweet Chilli crisps were a tad hotter than you thought and despite just digesting 150 calories, you don’t care as it floats out of your body as easily as carbon dioxide at the next breath. I don’t hate faux fitness freaks, you help make the world of sport a better place. Plus when you’re down Tesco’s, who doesn’t mind seeing beautiful people stretching for that cereal box.

Sporting Icons From Footballers To Tennis Players To You

I am under no illusion that technologically advanced sports fitness clothing was tried and tested for years to accommodate the needs of professionals in sport who are likely to end up featuring in the Olympics or on the national stage. Yet when it comes to need it’s not Tom Brady, Andy Murray or Michael Phelps that comes to mind. Partner in Under Armour crime against inactive people. It’s me and you, you and I, us.

Managing body heat and making the most of a training session. In competition and ensuring maximum comfort and getting those last few calories burned, pushing yourself, making yourself the lightest continually in a sport. These things matter. Staying dry, staying warm, keeping cool. Technology as provided through Under Armour’s long list of CoolSwitch, Microthread and HeatGear to stay cool. ColdGear +InfraRed, ArmourFleece to stay warm and UA Storm and GoreTex to stay dry. Read all about the tech stuff here.

Then there’s the footwear; Charged Cushioning, UA Speedform, UA Micro G, headwear and the body moulding AllSeasonGear, ClutchFit and Charged Cotton. The evolution in sportswear takes all walks of society to join in. It’s the main reason that sportswear has become fashionable. Because fit people see adverts showcasing people that look like them wearing stuff that looks great, but has a purpose. Because overweight people see fit people wearing the stuff, thinking their bulging belly isn’t for this clothing but if they get fit, it might be. Because all these sales contribute to the evolution of tech savvy sportswear for professional sports people so they can train harder, easier and win by wearing this certain brand.

My wish is for Under Armour to read this and believe in the stuff they wish their customers to. Their mission statement is “To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” They want people to be motivated, feel inspired, have a goal in life and to push themselves. They also wish to be a fashionable sports fitness clothing brand for faux fitness freaks and be an entry source to fat people like me – yes I put some on again.

Are You Ready To Be You? Whatever You Might Be It’s Under Armour

To the sports professionals: Whether you are training to be the next King of Wimbledon or Wembley, a Prince in the Boxing Ring or a Champion at Ice Skating, Polo or Swimming. You know that most of your time is spent training. If you can reach goals more easily and push yourself further, who you gonna call? It’s not Ghostbusters. It’s not the United Arabs either!

To the faux fitness freaks: I envy you. I waddle like a duck in all the wrong places, I can even quack in more than one. You are beautiful people who watch commercials and view newspaper ads and you see people that look like you wearing stuff you’d like to wear. Do you know why? It’s because Under Armour employed people to not only make their sports fitness clothing technologically sound, but to make the ranges look as beautiful as you.

To You and the third person, I. These collections of highly advanced clothing, scientifically sound fitness apparel that look like they just jumped out of the latest Star Trek film (forget that some are emblazoned with Superman motifs), they are for you, for us. I know what you’re thinking, those skin tight Men’s UA CoolSwitch Run Compression Leggings are taking the rummy kumby. Well I would agree but there is plenty of other wick away materials and composites that help keep you cool or warm and dry too and in less tight formulae.

So after nearly 2000 words what am I trying to say? Well, a few years back Under Armour experienced a “Are we doing this correct moment.” A case of, well the company is selling to all the right people, highly trained international sports athletes and that recognition is trickling down to amateurs and wannabes. But what about the markets which other sports brands manage to attract?

I think they’ve turned it around. At the outset of Winter, as a fat person who wouldn’t normally go round wearing branded sports stuff, my chosen attire for my nugget, wasn’t a hood attached to a jacket. It was the widely available ColdGear InfraRed beanie. Not only technologically advanced and ideal sports fitness clothing but suitable headwear for you and I, and the UK thermal leggings looked an option as well. And yes both look good too. I have to confess also, that as I look to diet down on veg only for the next few months and run again (jog for 45 minutes) a few mornings a week, unfortunately (I rather liked them) the holey Nike 2.0s are likely to be replaced by Under Armour running shoes.

Here’s to that little known secret. The been there done that, learned from it scenario. If you’re jogging five miles three times a week around a park’s circumference several times. If you have the motivation to get up at 5.30am in the morning. If you have the ability to dream of a more emboldened fitter you. Throwing on old clothes is good at the start but honestly, if I had known about this brand and this technology 12 years ago, I believe I’d have achieved my goal of losing five stone quicker. Sure everyone knows about GoreTex now, but ColdGear? Seriously read up on it all.

To look good, feel comfortable and see life generally workout… better, get yourself some Under Armour – it’s now fashionable sports fitness clothing. If you care about that kind of thing.