Spring Into Summer Loving Superdry Fashion 2017

Whether you love him, like him or loathe him, I wish you to imagine a particular person’s voice as he reams off the following in a nonchalant ‘Bedtime Stories’ film manner. Imagine the voice of Russell Brand’s character and while he never quite gets to the point, we understand him long before he tries. Russell’s character is just one of many celebrities, both past and present who have stepped forward to herald the Spring / Summer Superdry’s fashion release.

“Hello people. Superdry clothes do not need to be made of material and have patterns or form, there’s a bigger message here of society, cohesion and ensuring you buy my book! Who else could Squillions have got to launch Superdry’s SS17 iconic fashion ‘new in’ catalogue. Rhetorical, darling and yes I’ve got the hair for it!”

“This is the season to think of the poor child in Africa, the big banker in the city – yes that is a euphemism and all those dolled up tarts on the catwalk which flaunt Superdry fashion so elegantly and eloquently, because here I am shouting about it, alongside my new book, with my hair… Let’s truly Spring into Summer loving with the latest SS17 range. Skeeter can’t talk because a key stung his bum, so without further ado.”

Visit The SS17 Superdry New In Spring Summer Collection

[ACTION: Flail arms in an ‘all around’ manner] “We’re going to wear these clothes in the garden, at the beach, in the office and as the season transforms from the windy heaven sprung Spring, we’re going to head into the windy Summer, where we may well keep that new Superdry jacket, and scarf and hat and wear Superdry SS17 fashion indoors when shopping, in the evening at the Tupperware party and of course at the various anti-Brexit / Brexit parties up and down the country celebrating a revolution and my new book. Did you see my new book? Yes Superdry new in fashion line, my book!?!”

Well thanks for that Mr Brand’s Bedtime Stories character, we’re looking forward to the sequel. Yes, it’s an exciting time, people busy planning Brexit parties, Remaining parties and parties for parties sake, booking holidays to Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands and there’s no mistaking that people are choosing carefully their attire whether remaining at home or leaving for the EU and other countries. Which is why we and a host of celebrities are highlighting Superdry’s new season clothing range for Spring / Summer 2017.

Margaret Thatcher – Superdry Office Wear

We are pleased to announce that Margaret Thatcher is returning for one day only in an AI film special, like the aliens said to David, they have the DNA but can only ever bring her back for 24 hours. Some of you will be relieved. Upon release of SS17 the Iron Lady wishes to conjure up a remix of one of her famous speeches

“To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the ‘U-turn’, I have only one thing to say: ‘You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.’ I say that, I say, I say have you seen that wonderful Athletic League Loopback Dress, not for turning? Who wrote this rubbish, it’s adorable, I would turn a million times. And that Superdry bag, yes I’ll have one of those too, I do love my handbags, don’t I Denis, go buy that Whitney Beach tote bag please and get me a Gin!”

Sir Winston Churchill – Superdry Swimwear At The Beach

As our country embarks on a new path in the world, we should take with us a memorable quote from Sir Winston Churchill – especially with the farcical sabre rattling. “We shall defend our catwalks, whatever the cost may be because women wearing Superdry Bikinis this fabulous need our protection. We shall wear Superdry shorts on the beaches, we shall wear Superdry on the landing grounds, we shall wear Superdry t-shirts in the fields and in the streets, we shall wear Superdry jeans in the hills; we shall never surrender our thirst for imitable fashion!”

Get stuck into the Churchill look and the Churchill looking feel – as he was quite the lady’s man. We can’t imagine Sir Winston ever wearing flipflops with toe separator, instead more likely a power walking pair of 90’s Luxe Pool Sliders Superdry Flipflops, and I don’t think any of the axis would have got anywhere near Dover if the Women were all wearing Marbled Hawaiian Triangle Bikini Top and Bottoms. Salute – no worries there mate!

James Dean – Superdry Jackets On The Back Of A Motorbike

We take for granted great and comfortable clothing. That not only picks us up but also fights for us on the streets, provides confidence for us to go out there and achieve. Let’s look to the one and only Rebel Without a Cause and James Dean who said “Dream as if you’ll live forever in a Classic Real Hero Biker Leather Jacket. Live as if you’ll never wear Superdry jeans again.” While James Dean has long gone and went upstairs early on, his fashion at the time, his quotes and his drive for living is something every fashion wannabe should reflect with the clothes above. Match the Office Straight jeans with the Superdry leather jacket and head for the open road!

Gandhi – Superdry In The Garden

Gandhi once told a nation as it looked forward to a better time, unshackled of Empire and the ability to wear their own clothes with pride. It was said once again at the launch of the new Spring Summer Superdry collection “You must be the change you want to see in the fashion world” So use these wise words of wisdom and go forth and buy the new clothing range, impress the ladies with the SS17 Superdry Gandhi look and the Orange Label Granddad Superdry Jumper, topped off with a very cool pair of Silver Huntsman Sunglasses.

Superdry Turning Japanese I Think So

It may not be common knowledge, but this brand and retailer is a harmony of Apparel Americana with a Japanese motif. So it seems appropriate to include a quote or two, nay Japanese proverb. Now I may be about to ‘Chant a prayer to Buddha into a horse’s ear’ but it’s worth trying. You can go shopping today, tomorrow and next week and buy what you usually buy, what you’re used to, but how do you know if it’s not Superdry shorts and dresses that you should be buying? That you may feel refreshed, look more appealing? This Japanese proverb “Without knowing, you can be at peace like Buddha.” Means ignorance is bliss but I could just be talking wise to an horse’s ear.

Alternatively here’s one thing every woman knows about herself and what every man loves about her “Her standing figure looks like a Chinese peony, her sitting figure looks like a tree peony, and her walking figure looks like a lily.” That’s the benefit of shopping at Superdry, one women, many outfits, many more guises.

Superdry’s Supercool British Led American Clothing

The 16th President Of The United States of America, Abraham Lincoln once proclaimed “My dream is of a place and a time where Superdry will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.” And here it stands some two decades later triumphing throughout the world, taking over our shops and catwalks through peaceful means.

Some years later Harry S Truman added “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to wear Superdry with pride.” Of course Britney Spears is up there with these great and magnificent people. She once uttered “Oops, I wore Superdry again” As if to suggest, she just can’t help herself but grab a Superdry outfit at every opportunity! Especially any item of clothing from the new Spring Summer Superdry clothing range. You can be oopsy as well, click through to a world of Superdry SS17 now.