Stay In Cheap Luxury Villas In Kefalonia

Choosing a holiday destination is often decided by two factors, the cost and how cheap we can get it and the activities and experiences we wish to have. Once that is decided we as a family, friends or a couple can seek out cheap luxury villas in Kefalonia – you’re on this page, I suspect that’s where you’re heading.

The Mediterranean offers incredible views over the many seas and coast lines within its reach, from the Adriatic to the Ionian Sea. The latter is where the Greek island of Kefalonia is situated, just off the coast of Greece. Island life is typically different to the mainland, we’ve seen this in our own Isles and the relaxed atmosphere plus sunny climate makes it even more appealing to holidaymakers.

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The choice for inexpensive Mediterranean holidays is not an easy one to make because each area has its own offerings, culture to visit and level of enjoyment. It may or may not be a budget related decision yet even when I have been comfortably monied up if there was a cheap villa in Kefalonia with a few hundred or a thousand pounds off the seven day stay, it would have to be considered.

What Does Kefalonia Island Offer? Cheap Luxury Villas?

The island is not small, it is 320 square miles of beautiful and often rugged landscape with hard to reach pebble and sandy beaches that offer privacy as well as crowded areas where the great majority walk short distances to lay on for many hours. There are several hundred hotels to select from, that’s tens of thousands of people at peak season.

Cheap holiday accommodation in Kefalonia is not in short supply, in fact people are actually paying more to get away from crowded areas which is why you and others are seeking out cheaper Kefalonia villas that while are mostly self catering, enable a more peaceful retreat.

I, myself, cannot possibly imagine taking a room in a hotel with a larger shared swimming pool. In the middle of frequent human traffic with noise at all hours from local clubs and restaurants. I may wish to visit these places in the bustling areas of Fiscardo, Sami, Skala and Lixouri though some of the cheaper luxury villas may be nearer these locations than others.

When seeking out a cheap luxury villa retreat on this Greek island keep in mind the activities you wish to take part in. Seven days is not usually enough, ten perhaps an average and ideal though you still need to note how far activities and tourist destinations are from each other, you don’t wish to spend more time on the road than is necessary.

By all means choose a cheap luxury villa in Kefalonia but if trying to save costs you also need to consider why you are there. Below you will find a small selection of villa discounts in Kefalonia that were promoting offers at the time of writing. Only an handful as many properties for rent are in excellent condition and get snapped up a year earlier.

These cheaper villas can be found in Trapezaki, Spartia, Fiskardo, St.Thomas and Skala often with up to £300 off a seven day stay if looking to book a last minute deal. At other times of the year and perhaps even tomorrow, there may be better deals on villas in Katelios and Lourdas.

Find Cheaper Luxury Villas In Kefalonia, Greece

The following cheaper villas in Spartia and Trapezaki have either had late cancellations or were unavailable due to the the owners perhaps wishing to stay for a week or to and changed their mind. Irrespective of the reason it is fortunate that they are available at a lesser cost and less expensive for the duration you are looking to book.

Quite booking a villa holiday in Kefalonia within a week or fortnight’s notice, especially with family in tow is a little bit of a rush. Yet if the money suddenly appears or you were let down on another property elsewhere in the world it’s an idea to take advantage of a cheap luxury villa in St. Thomas or Fiskardo proper.

Trapezaki Bay Cottage Cheaper Luxury Villas Kefalonia

Discounted Lux Villa In Trapezaki, Kefalonia At Trapezaki Bay Cottage

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Prices and availability for luxury villa holidays do not always denote a discount from the outset. Owners of properties especially those that have heavily invested in upgrading a villa do not go out of their way to market cheap luxury villas in Kefalonia when they deserve to be rented at full asking price. Which is why when you see the Trapezaki Bay Cottage on offer it’s a surprise.

It’s a modern small luxury villa on the upper most South coast of the Island that is positioned a little over a mile away from Trapezaki beach on a private hill top overlooking the Trapezaki Bay. It sleeps two in one bedroom with ample bathroom and living room space that opens up on to a large patio with loungers and a private swimming pool.

The list of facilities are much less than you’d find in Antigua for instance but there is a maid service once a week with satellite TV and all mod cons. It’s a small yet exceptionally cheaper luxury villa that would suit a couple of any age.

Cheap Luxury Villas Kefalonia Oxopetra Spartia

Cheap Luxury Villa In Spartia, Kefalonia At Villa Oxopetra

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The difference between peak season on the Kefalonia island compared to the next rental period appears to be approximately two thirds. For instance at the time of writing Villa Oxopetra is three times more to rent in July than in October. The weather isn’t actually that bad at that time of year however the amount of people enjoying school or student holidays is vastly reduced.

This luxury villa sleeps eight. It’s not beach side and is based just outside Klismata which is inland by metres but approximately 1.3 miles to the nearest access to the sea which may possibly be Paliolinas Beach. Some accommodation areas are separate from the main building, it boasts a large private swimming pool in amongst an Olive Grove of considerable size. A 4 bed, 3 bath luxury property advertised cheaper as a last minute deal in peak season.

The Stone House Luxury Villa Cheap In St Thomas

Cheap Villa In St.Thomas, Kefalonia At The Stone House

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While this is not Bulgaria and we are not expecting you to throw virgins off a cliff to the dolphins below. The idyllic coastal cliff top view is serene. To state the obvious, the stone work is marvellous to enjoy whether it’s the uprights of the terrace or the brickwork in the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

This shouldn’t be classed as a cheap luxury villa by any means however for whatever reason the four people who could have enjoyed the breathtaking seascapes have left you to pick it up as a last minute deal on one of the best Greek islands around. A fully equipped kitchen, wifi access and VIPA airport lounge pass arrangement value is as hidden as the property.

Discounts On Luxury Villa Anestis Kefalonia

Cheapest High End Villas In Fiskardo, Kefalonia At Villa Anestis

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“Where’s the sea?” Behind the trees. “No seriously come on, where’s the sea?” Climb to the very top of the villa which is to be found on the north face of the Island above Asos and in Antipata, Fiskardo – near some of the main clubs and restaurants, and from an open terrace you’ll peak the sea and fantastic it is too. As are the trees.

This is a proper Greek villa. I simple love staged buildings made of real stone with open frontages and columns that remind us of the Greek’s thousands of years of historic architecture. Sleeping six people there’s three bedrooms, two bathrooms and several areas for relaxation and quite honestly with money off making it possibly a once in a lifetime cheap luxury villa, I’ll accept thank you very much. Yes private swimming pool and Dafnoudi Beach not too far away but still with seclusion.

Cheap Gerasimos Luxury Villa In Skala Kefalonia

Skala’s Cheapest Quality Villa In Kefalonia With Gerasimos

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Located on the South East of the island and just over two miles away from Skala proper, you’ll see a wonderful property that I really think belongs in Italy. Was it moved? Gerasimos is a four bedroomed cliff side two floor luxury villa with discount – currently – that overlooks the sea. I believe it looks fantastic at night but I’m an owl anyway.

The private swimming pool meets the property head on, the edge of the pool and patio meets the cliff face head on also with the tips of the trees towering below. It’s an inspirational sight, just imagine spending seven days at this incredibly luxurious villa with Skala beach just a ten minute drive away.

Unimaginable Sights With Time Limited Cheap Offers On Luxury Villas

Kefalonia, I don’t have to dare you to but you should visit the island at least once. If you can reach a good deal on a holiday for you and a partner or a groupf of friends and family it should always be tried. The views however whether slightly inland or beach side are incredible. The beaches never too far away and neither are the shops.

There are differences between all the locations, the main areas of Fiskardo, Katelios, Lourdas, Skala, Spartia, St. Thomas and Trapezaki will each offer varied activities. The cheap luxury villas in Kefalonia featured above will not always be cheaper or discounted as they are here, it depends on the season and availability. That said, Gerasimos, Anestis, The Stone House, Oxopetra and Trapezaki Bay Cottage each have their defined values which will be confirmed upon arrival.