Steampunk Waistcoats, Clothing & Corsets From A Victorian Age

Definition: What is Steampunk? Well put simply, it derives from the amalgamation of London’s Victorian age setting, the 19th century and the clothes worn during the period with that of futuristic ideals, both technologically and in design.

The Steampunk waistcoats, Steampunk blouses and clothing in general has been assembled from a wealth of recent films, books and portrayals that depict the steam age with concepts of advanced technology that was merely thought of, rather than in use. As an example planes were thought of several hundred years before the first flight took place.

History Of UK Steampunk Fashion, Origination And Concept: If you haven’t heard of this genre then don’t worry, you are not alone. However it now has such a mass of following that Steampunk waistcoats and clothing are an every day fashion occurrence.

Fashion has a history of repeating itself over several decades, but a century or two is quite a long period to wait. Over the decades there have been various feature films and books written with story lines within the steam age.

Invariably these are often brought up to date. Like Will Smith’s Wild Wild West and the variety of Dune serials over the years. Just to name a few, but Metropolis which still plays to a world wide audience although made in 1927 harks back to a period of Steampunk clothing that was yet to be so named.

In essence Steampunk clothing is the resurgence of a steam powered Victorian age blended with the futuristic. Much of the technology we possess today, was thought of in the last two centuries but associated mechanism and materials were not available to see them put into production.

The fascination with Steampunk waistcoats, corsets, and clothing accessories stems from the fascination of the dress code and style as well as the idea of an alternative history, had the elements and technology been devised during that time period.

While genres such as this start off as niche and it is simply a turn on Gothic clothing with a Victorian edge – so already has mass appeal from a variety of sections of the UK population. It is usually inevitable that a trend will go mainstream.

Cheap Steampunk Waistcoats And Steampunk Coats

If you’re a full on Steampunker then you will probably wish to dress head to toe in the related get up, however that’s not entirely necessary. Many people now interested in this genre of fashion are attracted to the concept and individual items of clothing – accessorising if you will.

Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to opt for a cheap Steampunk waistcoat in the midst of the latest fashion. Waistcoats which in any case, are representing the Victorian age dress code anyway. However many styles are half hitched from the blockbuster films and replicated.

A popular Steampunk waistcoat would be one made of leather and double breasted. Others are single breasted, in military red and often floral. Tweed, Jacquard cloth and faux leather with a pocket watch chain embedded gives authenticity.

Then there’s the wide variety of Steampunk coats. In the 1980’s Adam Ant and pop artists were dressed in similar Steampunk clothing but with a British Empire military overhang. Even the make up adorned from that decade is now showcased as the latest fashion and beauty accessory to have fun with, thirty years after it was popularised. Though still aimed more at women.

The Steampunk tailcoats are in my view, of exceptional quality. Though again, swallow tail coats and full length coats have been available for evening wear, weddings and funerals. It is the mass market appeal which is seeing extraordinary fashion statements, and the colourful, going into production.

Dark browns, khakis, velvet, Gabardine and bright blues and reds are all popular renditions of old styles. Which of course go perfectly well with Steampunk waistcoats and the variety of accessories now plagiarised.

Men’s Steampunk Clothing And Accessories From A Victorian Age

As far as women are concerned, any Steampunk clothing is unisex. That goes for men’s trousers, shirts, underwear and Steampunk waistcoats. However the same cannot be said in reverse. A man squeezing into a bosomed women’s corset would look weird at any time. Steampunk blouses also, though Adam Ant went with the lace ruffle cuffs.

The Men’s Steampunk clothing range is still quite extensive and stretches to trousers, Steampunk waistcoats, shoes, shirts and a variety of accessories and jewellery. Right down to head wear such as toppers and bowlers.

It is great to finally see an alternate dress sense. Any move away from jeans which has been a mass market favourite for a century would be welcome. Yet cotton trousers are nothing new and not nearly as hard wearing. Designs back in the Victorian age were none too flattering either with cuts limited.

The steampunk accessories range from jewellery like necklaces, rings and ear studs to cuff links, belts and often depict materials and signs in use during that period as well as those used as costume jewellery in sci fi feature films. Offset with creative ideals and steam engine machinations mixed with the concept of futuristic design.

Women’s Steampunk Blouses, Clothing And Steampunk Corsets

To ask a woman in today’s modern age to dress up head to toe and not show ankles for fear of making a man faint or randy, would be deemed obscure. Yet it is that exact fashion that is making a return. Note that Steampunk blouses and Steampunk clothing for women is simply a reclassification of existing regalia in the main.

However if seeking to dress in this Steampunk fashion set, ruffles are the order of the day for both men and women. Lace cuffs, long collars, big bows and the overuse of pleats and long sleeves. Also the mass return of Steampunk corsets, an item that never went away but may still attract more custom due to the Steampunk clothing trend.

The Steampunk corsets may have intricate detailing, period style clasp fasteners, use of satin and lace fabrics and lace ups, halters and buckles all to give a Victorian edge to the Steampunk fashion item.

Thought if you’re female, you may just wish to make do with a man’s Steampunk waistcoat and bowler hat. This niche is only just going mainstream, so expect more Steampunk clothing accessories and varieties to appear over the coming years. A niche which itself may give way to something entirely new altogether. View the above items and more, here.