Stiletto Booties, Velvet Jeans & Intergalocktic Mahai Clutch

The Squillions Noir Hornet Lemon Fizz Cocktail Look

At Squillions we don’t just love style, we CREATE style! Welcome to a brand new season of wild adventure.

A place where, once your gloves dry out and wellies are put away for another two days, you can enjoy the glorious British spring wearing the most fashionable jeans from Current Elliot to By Malene Birger clutch handbags, topped off with sunglasses from The Row.

When we decide to write about a subject, news item or a product, you’re either going to get a straight laced overture of the essentials with a modicum of sarcasm on the side. Or depending on the mood, an all out affair with the surreal. Hence why the very leggy brunette below is made up of several different images and has body parts from three different women, but don’t she look great! I would!

We have taken inspiration from all our years at primary school doing hand prints and drawn on our natural fashion instinct to bring you our first ever Squillions style commission. Look upon the beautiful woman below and ignore the fact the feet, hands and head are from three different ladies and see how the colours flow to make a cocktail of heady desire.

Talking of heads, our Sandra / Stacey / Sally is wearing a wonderful pair of hornet style oval red The Row sunglasses which epitomises the change of seasons from the dark of winter to the brightness of spring. Hear the melodic tunes in the background as she prances gleefully down the cat walk.

Next up, as with most models, she is scantily dressed and almost topless wearing only the supremely yellow anaise cotton printed jacket from and by Malene Birger. Our in house designer has then merged the noir of a black and white winter with quintessential colours of spring by allowing the colours to flow and yet explode into an infusion of seasonal embodiment at the same time.

Noir Hornet Lemon Fizz Cocktail Look

No. 00001 | SS13

1. Current / Elliott :

Black Velvet Floral Skinny Jeans

Read More or Buy jeans here.

2. By Malene Birger :

Anaise Cotton Printed Jacket

Read More or Buy jacket here.

3. The Row :

Terracotta Acetate W Red Leather Sunglasses

Read More or Buy sunglasses here.

4. Camilla Skovgaard :

Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties

Read More or Buy boots here.

5. By Malene Birger :

Nylon Quilted Mahai Clutch

Read More or Buy clutch bag here.

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs :

Intergalocktic Leather Bracelet

Accessorise or Buy bracelet here.

Scroll down for more details about the featured SS13 fashion items on the left.

Flowing serendipitously on her right hand side our model holds on to her worldly possessions, kitchen sink, tyre iron, make up and sports a Nylon Quilted Mahai Clutch bag by the wonderfully inventive By Malene Birger. And as if choreographed by Michael Flatley himself, a rising dance of poignant floral darkness ascends from the depths in the form of a pair of Current Elliot Black Velvet Floral Skinny Jeans, ironed earlier by my mother.

Just as icing on the cake is the icing on the cake, a pair of Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties by Camilla Skovgaard cleverly gives birth to an ensemble of black and white which sings in harmony with the contrasting colours of Spring Summer 2013 above delivering a dawning light as we rise once again to meet the warm breeze of flowery yellow. A chorus which is splendidly offset by an elegant black Marc Intergalocktic Leather Bracelet from Marc Jacobs.

That Ladies and Gentleman describes rather poetically our first true venture into the realms of fashion cat walks and seasonal change. Ladies and Gentleman, this is our Bang Tidy Squillions style No. 00001 entitled the Noir Hornet Lemon Fizz Cocktail Look. Hold on to your chairs and briefly read through the descriptions of the items below and get yourselves to My-Wardrobe or you may miss out on some really fast selling must have womenswear – And yes they do.

“What?” Swear! – Accessorise With Denim SS13

As you can tell, for the last few weeks we have been busy assembling the latest fashions for the ultimate incognito Denim look for Spring / Summer 2013 and how you can best accentuate different clothing and essentials while you accessorise with denim.

We have spent many hours meticulously pouring over submissions for our very special ‘Bang Tidy’ feature and have chosen six items from black velvet skinny jeans designed by Current Elliot and a fantastic bright yellow Anaise cotton printed jacket by By Malene Birger. Do you think she gets that a lot? BY By Malene Birger, Bye By Malene Birger, buy By Malene Birger… moving on.

It’s not just jeans and jackets, oh no! we’ve plucked out some monochrome magic with a pair of Camilla Skovgaard Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties in black and white, matching those with body parts from another woman named Stacey with a fantastic Intergalocktic Leather Bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Very imaginative brand title there… gaze upon design brilliance below and immerse yourself in our fountain of fashion knowledge. Darling.

1. CURRENT/ELLIOTT : Black Velvet Floral Skinny Jeans

There is something distinctly unique about jeans that aren’t all about rips, holes and looking old. I’ve often taken my girlfriend out shopping and spent £160 on a lone pair of jeans that are ripped, scrubbed to look worn thin and pondered “could’ve had my old ones for free.”

Less of the sarcasm! These are what jeans were made for, not American farming but comfort, style and catwalk elegance. These black skinny jeans from Current Elliott have a velvet brocade detailing that feels so darn good that Elizabeth Taylor would have divorced and married you just to be in the same company as a fashionista such as yourself.

The jeans have a floral design, a ‘you’d never know I was here’ zip fly with button fasteners, five pockets in normal places and has 2% elastane to help you squeeze into that smaller size and show off your delectable and delicious curves. Oh yes, I’m loving you in these Black Velvet Floral Skinny Jeans.

Click to view / buy the current elliott black velvet floral skinny jeans.

2. By Malene Birger : Anaise Cotton Printed Jacket

The one thing that really pleases me when Spring arrives is the end to that desperate unforgiving search for the girlfriend at the Christmas Market. Searching for a woman in a black hooded jacket, that everyone else appears to be wearing too.

Announce the arrival of spring and individuality with a troop of trumpet calls and welcome By Malene Birger with this brightly coloured Anaise cotton printed jacket that whistles to the birds and stands you out like a field of daffodils on a back drop of white clouds. You will be serene you highness!

If you’ve ever been to Vienna then you’ll instantly know what I mean when I state this designer jacket reminds me of their coffee houses and Schoenbrunn Palace. You will be royally pleased with this open front yellow and cream jacket from By Malene Birger. It is an exceptional piece of decadence, with shoulder pads, three pockets and 100% cotton with a viscose lining. Get it here.

Click to view / buy the Anaise cotton printed jacket here.

3. The Row : Terracotta Acetate W. Red Leather Sunglasses

I know, the image on the Squillions assembled model didn’t do the sunglasses justice but here they are in their full glory. To understand why we have chosen these Terracotta Acetate (what does the wubbleU stand for?) red leather sunglasses, come closer and just look at these works of art.

These aren’t just any sunglasses! These are designed by Linda Farrow Luxe, the absolute epitome of fashionable desirable designer sunglasses which all the celebs are willingly jumping off cliffs to die for. Reflecting one last ray of sun before announcing their love for a pair of The Row Terracotta Acetate W. Red Leather Sunglasses by Linda Farrow Luxe.

I bet you’ve never worn leather behind your ears before. Stop the press, these The Row sunglasses not only have a 100% acetate round lens, a wooden accent interior – sounds like I’m describing a yacht. But also red textured leather arms. Surround sound comes free! Get your lug holes under these Terracotta red leather sunglasses, buy them here and sing and dance like Stevie Wonder on ice!

Click to view / buy The Row terracotta red sunglasses here.

4. Camilla Skovgaard : Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties

If I was camp and a cross dresser and didn’t like girls so much, I would truly wish to die in these shoes. Camilla Skovgaard has designed a magnificent and flawless leather stiletto boot that absolutely cries out for a horse shoe made of gold.

As great as that sounds, you wouldn’t need it with these Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties from Camilla Skovgaard as these little beauties come with a zip on the back of the heel. How fantastically cool is that? A heel of 13.5 cms and a flutter of black leather dressage atop a white leather upper and baby you are heaven on earth in these open toe dream boats. Buy the boots here.

Click to view/ buy Monochrome Prey Open Toe Stiletto Booties here.

5. By Malene Birger : Nylon Quilted Mahai Clutch

More yellow? I’d agree but it’s not yellow, it’s more lemon sorbet. This nylon clutch bag is a veritable joy which could easily double up as an air plane head rest thanks to its duvet like quilted outer texture. The nylon quilted mahai clutch has a 100% leather trim, a silver tone twist lock fastening which low and behold will match your intergalocktic bracelet – no really!

The top flap snuggles nicely to contain your contents, kitchen sink, small tyre iron and make up and comes complete with a very sixties plastic white carry chain which you can swing around the dance floor. Buy By Malene Birger here.

Click to view / buy the Nylon quilted mahai clutch bag here.

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs : Intergalocktic Leather Bracelet

Now what woman doesn’t want 21 cms within her grasp? Enter Marc Jacobs with his tremendous finely grained and textured black leather bracelet. It happily comes on to the market knowing everyone will be pleasantly fulfilled with its one size fits all physique and even comes with its own chastity belt.

Fear not as the styled silver tone twist lock fastening is easily manoeuvred into unlock should you be jumping into the shower after clubbing or just in from work, looking to be instantly free from your new Noir Hornet Lemon Fizz Cocktail look. Also handy as a quick pair of handcuffs if you use your imagination – come on, we’re not shy at Squillions so buy two Marc Intergalocktic Leather Bracelets here and get bang tidy! Or buy four…

Click to view / buy the black leather intergalocktic bracelet here.

Is it all over so soon? I’m crying. Thanks for reading about our first foray into the real world of fashion. We really enjoyed putting together the little outfit above. At the time of writing it costs about £1665 to assemble but you sure will look like you have Squillions in the Noir Hornet Lemon Fizz Cocktail get up. Thanks go to My-Wardrobe for the loan of the three models!

*No models were harmed, it’s called image editing.