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Vitamin supplements, bah humbug? Supplemented discount codes any good? By now we have all come to realise that there is something wrong with today’s food production and coupled with our choices for that food, our body has made significant changes. Unfortunately not genetically and for most instantly by bulking outwards. It is of course our fault. Some of us stopped cooking at home, buying ready made meals but is there a way to compensate for modern eating habits?

Yes and it’s not all to do with weight loss. Ask anybody who has had too many magnesium pills if these vitamin and mineral top ups actually have any substance. The result of too much magnesium is of course sitting on the toilet for longer and more often. So forgive me if someone says vitamin pills don’t have a place in society. Yes our digestive system exists to aid in the extraction and if a pill goes right through it would be no use but as long as its component parts are broken down and absorbed, they will do something.

But what? That’s the question isn’t it? If you buy Glucosamine or Starflower Oil what are you actually getting, what will the pills or formulas do? Will the superfoods and milkshakes and treats actually help with anything. This is where the goals come in. We touched on supplemented helping aid in Weight Loss, but there’s also bone health, blood circulation, heart health and even skincare and from the inside out. This is where Supplemented voucher codes are much more than just about saving money but your health too.

There are specific companies online that deal with proteins, vitamins and supplying those who body build and train for sports. Though Supplemented can offer similar services while not providing high end steaks and fancy vegetable concoctions for bulking out. For instance Alpha Lipoic Acids, Caffeine tablets and Creatine monohydrate capsules. These and other vitamin and mineral supplements will aid in any diet to reach a certain goal.

At Squillions we are futurists. In outer space astronauts don’t always eat normal foods, it simply wouldn’t be practical to ship Mum up on to the ISS, have a Kitchen capsule and have her cooking for six to eight months. NASA and many scientists take food apart, re-assemble in vitamin and mineral supplements and add flavouring to deliver what our space faring humans need the most. This also cuts down on waste coming out the end. I know, “urrrgghh.” So if you’re an ex-Astronaut you could compensate earth living with Supplemented discount codes.

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I’m sceptical but I know our body’s reactions and choices in life are down to chemicals all liking up with each other. We’re fat because an intake of too much of some ingredients and not enough exercise. We get ill because we have too much exercise and weaker our immune system. Our moods are affected by a lack of sunlight which can be balanced out with a vitamin top up from this retailer. I’m sceptical because our bodies are unique to each other and unless we go to do the doctor and do certain tests, we don’t actually know what our body needs.

But am I sceptical about vitamin supplements, No. They have a place but you should really find out if they have a place in yours. None of our bodies are the same, although they may look like they are. The tiniest difference between people could make someone fat and another thin, someone get diarrhoea and another power on a high the rest of the day. So always see a doctor if taking something you know little about. Get a Supplemented voucher code for first purchase discounts if new to this retailer.

What’s your frequency, got a problem? Arthritis? want to stay looking Thirty years old and rewind the years, need a better sleep or wish to look after your joints? There’s a million and one different compositions of vitamins and mineral supplements out there and some of them are at Supplemented. Sexual health, sports nutrition, stress relief and eye health and digestion. Use your Supplemented discount codes April 2020 here. Remember all these vitamins and minerals have a specific job, find out if you need more of them first. You don’t want to grow a carrot for a nose.

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