TenTel Offers Half Price Roku Stick

What with the pound dropping significantly to the US dollar you might be pondering why you can get American technology (Korean, Vietnamese – wherever) at half the price? Indeed the cheapest Roku streaming sticks have been reduced at quite a lot of UK retailers but in comparison, TenTel offers the lowest and in tandem with an additional agreement. You do need to order a contract free broadband or short 6 month contract line rental.

Get Your Half Price Roku Stick Form TenTel

As with most give aways, freebies and discounts on television packages these days, there’s always a catch. Lucky for you however, this could be just the fish you was looking for. Roku is exactly the same tech and software that the big internet service providers and television companies give to you, only it’s branded. Sky have been using this lot for years to repackage their TV package offerings. You are now free to go direct to the source of the software.

“Shhh And Get Me 50% Off A Roku Stick Now!” < Click

With an half price Roku stick you don’t get half the quality, nor half the programming. It is simply a limited time offer with all the usual bells and whistle you have come to expect from this global internet TV streaming service. This TenTel offer is pushing the boundaries of smart TV so far that with an 8% stake in the US and over nine million active accounts worldwide, streaming telly will be the only television in the coming era.

Do you need to change internet service provider just to save twenty odd quid? It’s not that silly a question, get a divorce, change the woman you’re with and get a nicer girlfriend… sometimes you just need to act on your impulses, dump your 12 month internet package and get a cheaper no contract broadband offer with a discounted Roku USB stick instead.

What Exactly Is A Roku USB Stick?

For anybody actually querying what Roku is or what a streaming Roku stick is, it’s television in a USB. Quite remarkably, all you need do is plug it in the back of your telly and you get on demand television that in the main is free. Aside of any TV licence you may require, line rental or additional fees for on demand films and other services. Yes we need to chuck that bit in. As rarely is anything completely free these days. Air? – ok, you got me.


If you’re a tech head, here’s the best part, it’s the only half price USB TV stick that has a quad core processor. Not even Amazon has that yet. So if you’re looking for fast and reliable and a cheap Roku stick for streaming television at home, at the office or while camping in Dorset or Wales, then this half price Roku stick offer from TenTel should get your bytes gender swapping from noughts to ones.

This little USB has so much power the President of the United States is actually going to Defcon One. The British PM may well resign again if he doesn’t get one and Nicola Sturgeon is rumoured to be sending one out to all immigrants she writes too. OK, so that may not all be happening but this TenTel offer of half price Roku sticks most certainly is. For a limited time you can gain access to thousands of programmes from as little as £24.99. RRP £49.99.

Line Rental Plus Half Price Roku And… TenTel

Now hold you’re horses. Before you get clicking links and get your cheap Roku stick offer and start watching telly for free by the end of the week, please understand a few things. There is no cancellation fee, there are no contracts but you can have one up to 18 months if you wish. If you do, you’ll get 6 months free broadband and still receive the 50% off Roku deal. There’s no installation fees depending on the package or bundle, and if you want phone use can get free minutes in the UK and internationally too.

Ah ha, you thought i was going to say, always read the terms and conditions, don’t dive straight in and state “forget telling your missus about you changing internet service provider for a cheaper no contract internet offer” just do it and be a man! There’s over 3000 channels awaiting your button clicking fingers. The latest films on demand, sport in full colour HD and you can watch with the cheap television USB stick in the toilet, on the roof, in the park or round Aunty Edna’s caravan. Do you want a cheap Roku stick and an amazing TenTel broadband offer? Proceed and gain your television and internet freedom.