The £1.85 Million 9.95 Carat Vashi Diamond Engagement Ring

My jaw dropped. The exact amount is £1,853,213.00. I run Squillions so I shouldn’t be surprised that jewellery, diamonds, cars or clothing fetches such large amounts of money.

They adorn luxury shops in cities across the world. Being bought by the rich and famous, the self made and those who inherit but I think the shock stepped in on this occasion due to Vashi usually targeting the other end of the market.

By other end I don’t mean cheap diamond rings, there’s no such thing. Cheaper by comparison when cutting out the middle men then yes. However having recently penned an article on the most expensive preset diamond engagement rings at Vashi, I was led to believe that this was the extent of expensive on their website. How wrong was I!?!

Well being a few tens of thousands of pounds out is one thing but almost two million pounds out? I feel I must apologise. I thought I’d look around the recently rebranded Vashi website and find out more about their offerings and came across a section for loose diamonds.

Why buy loose diamonds I pondered? They’re obviously loose to begin with. Then the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Create your own diamond engagement ring, add a personal touch. Spend time assessing the size of your wallet and digesting the crazy amount of data to read on the individual diamonds.

There’s the colour which is apparently only really evident at a microscopic level or unless you have several diamonds side by side. Then there’s the clarity  again discernible with a microscopic eye and whether it’s the perfect diamond all the way through with the correct amount of facets and light reflection.

Next up there’s the shape of which there are several and the cut of the diamond which ranges from good to ideal and a few different levels in-between, the weight and carat of the diamond itself which I find out even size doesn’t truly matter but all things combined. How sweet.


Navigate to Create Your Own Engagement Ring on the Vashi website, under the Engagement rings heading and you will discover exactly what we did. That there really is a £1.85 million pound 9.95 carat Vashi diamond engagement ring, incredibly even available with next day delivery.

Just in case you have 2 million laying around under your mattress. Some of you do I know! Oh friend, oh pal of mine!

Now being the inquisitive sort of chap, after clicking select the diamond first. I opted to change the heirachy on the order of the chart from lowest price, to highest price and look what I found. A good round cut E VVS2 loose diamond that is a 9.95 carat diamond. This little stone is worth a staggering £1,851,214.00.

Imagine having two of those lost down the back of your sofa. Your furniture would be worth a lot more than your house! So yes my jaw dropped. Vashi then asks me to add to ring, why not I reply.  I have time and the imaginary money, let’s spend squillions of my yet to be hard earned on a diamond ring that is still 70% cheaper than a rival retailer.

I’m now going to add my £1.85 million diamond to a band of my choosing. This is, after all, the process of how to create your own diamond engagement ring all in the comfort of your own home on the Vashi website.

I am initially presented with a Classic Tapered Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting in 18k White Gold which to be honest looks marvellous but feels a little out of place. You see my loose diamond which is a round cut E VVS2 is worth £1.85 million and I’m to consider adding a £299 band for it to sit on for eternity with my betrothed?

In normal circumstances it would be superb but however I have Squillions and I demand a band of the finest precious metal that money can buy, so I opt for…

The Constellation Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum, perfect. At a snip under two grand and at £1,999 I have the perfect ring for my £1.85 million 9.95 carat Vashi diamond engagement ring to be set in stone, so to speak and delivered the very next day.

Listen to this. The Constellation Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum which has to be seen to be believed, has 38 pave set diamonds sprawling either side of my soon to be set £1.85 million round cut E/VVS2 loose diamond which will be held in place by a six prong Tiffany style setting and the ring itself is hand crafted meticulously in fine platinum.

Did you notice I stated mine? Without realising that the other half to be will already own half the house, the car, the business and own the entire ring I’m buying. But hey, semantics… I will still have half of Squillions.

Alas my bride to be is going to be on her back way before wedding night. I only hope she manages to wake up from feinting in time to get married. Talk about sleeping beauty! The platinum band also has a horrendously magnificent 3mm shoulder width and shank width which is twice the size of some of the more dainty bands on offer at Vashi.

Quite honestly, if it wasn’t for the £1.85 million price tag on the diamond, which I still wonder when completed as a diamond engagement ring will still be 70% cheaper than a ring from another retailer – stay tuned we will update and find out if it is. Then if it wasn’t for the pricey diamond I have chosen, I think any diamond atop the beautifully crafted Constellation Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum would be anybody’s cup of darjeeling, darling!

For the record there are four band choices at the two thousand quid mark. Each worthy of a proposal on the day. Their newest Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum, the Milgrain Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum and the Bezel Halo Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum but as I’m seeing stars right now, I’ll opt for the Constellation Engagement Ring.

In case you need the finer details and you fell in love with the £1.85 million 9.95 carat Vashi diamond engagement ring from the create your own diamond engagement ring at Vashi and fall off your chair backwards section. Then the Constellation Engagement Ring Setting in Platinum has a reference of GS-18202-PLT and the very naughty yet wonderfully priced round cut E/VVS2 loose diamond is referenced as LD465557.

You may wish to buy the 9.95 carat Vashi diamond engagement ring straight away, while I simply added it to the wish list. I’m still a little shocked that the Vashi website contains such a wealth of diamonds. Over 18,000 individual loose diamonds are on offer on the Vashi website at the time of writing. That’s a big bag of diamonds!

The next time you hear someone talk about Vashi and the conversation turns to how much cheaper diamond rings are, advise them they can still find the most expensive Vashi diamond rings if they care to look closely enough. Only I bet in comparison and due to the way they cut out the middle men, that it’s still far cheaper to buy from Vashi than a rival diamond jewellers.

£1,853,213.00 and two grand of that is for the constellation engagement ring. Incredible! Visit Diamond Heaven and dream of Squillions or take a wander around the QPJewellers discount code department.