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The UK is replete with National Parks, one such is situated in Exmoor but it’s a little different from most in that it is a dark sky preserve meaning dark cores are apparent with street lighting kept far away or only where necessary and at the dimmest. It’s a great place to visit and its moors expand across two counties and that of Somerset and North Devon.

The land and the ability to trek, hike, walk, camp and generally be outside in the rough of it is the main reason people seek a getaway here. The Best Of Exmoor discount codes are sought to reduce the cost of nearby accommodation which predominantly consists of comparatively inexpensive and cheap cottage holidays.

The company behind the website which is vested in renting holiday cottages across Devon and Somerset has a very rural beginning but not too dissimilar to how most start out. Invigorated by his, Chris Lister, desire to transform old stables into liveable cottages rather than have them remain liveries, the ability to rent out the revamped cottages in the depths of Exmoor provided an idea.

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Why not get everyone in the village to revamp their own stables and let them out too. Sorry I’m being an urbanite and I’m “not from round ‘ere.” A lot of the properties could be second homes belonging to the well to do London crowd but while they’re busy making the world turn, you can stay at cottages on the coast, near weirs, on the moor or go posh with a boutique cottage rental brought down in price thanks to these The Best Of Exmoor Discount Codes and invaluable offers.

They currently have a rolling stock / portfolio of a little over one hundred properties so there is plenty of choice and while focused on one area, we’re still talking dozens of miles of landscape to position yourself within for fun activities, quiet moments and some privacy either with a loved one, a family with children or indeed renting a dog friendly cottage too.

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Dogs and children are welcome at most of the holiday cottages in Somerset and Devon. The rural area, Withypool, Dunster, Porlock, Monksilver, Dulverton was heaven sent for curious children and dogs who like to run all day log investigating the terrain ahead of them. Adult humans are not much different and there are a great many sights and adventures in store for those seeking quality Exmoor cottage holidays.

Fan of Brexit or not, while the capitalists at the top argue on both sides there is one message that is clear. Stay in a local environment new to you but also spend locally too. To be honest I think it goes without saying, whenever on holiday I’m always in local pubs, restaurants, cafes and buying local trinkets, keepsakes and generally locally produced goods and wares but there are supermarkets everywhere these days.

While you accept the token gesture of a reduced cottage let for a week or by using the Best Of Exmoor discount codes for April 2020 here, you can consider yourself very welcome in this community as they will be very pleased to see and meet you. Walking, cycling, visting the Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre (I think I’ve been there) or Exmoor zoo with fine dining and local specialists at Exmoor Forest Inn.

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