The World’s Most Expensive Car Accessories

In typical Loyd Grossman voice “who drives a car with options like these?” Well that’s a good question Loyd. I’m guessing someone filthy rich with not enough time to lead a normal life. We at Squillions trawled the world wide web for the world’s most expensive car accessories and in-built options from the manufactures to get those old green eyes a flickering.

Now the most absurd car accessory we have found has to be the umbrella. Most o us put the umbrella in-between the back and front seats or in the but but not if you own a Rolls Royce Ghost. Oh no, Mary Poppins eat your heart out because this umbrella is Teflon lined if not coated and guess where it goes? Open the door and where you usually only find a door locking system, you will now find a silver button, press and a full length umbrella will pop out front within the inside of the car. Absurd, I’ve only just got started.

Most Expensive Car Accessories For Rolls Royce

Continuing with the Rolls Royce, with the Sedan and Phantom Coupe you can relive your childhood. Let’s face it, you probably are anyway spending silly amount of lolly on a fundinger of a car but going back to age six months to three years is probably a bit much for most people. Remember the stars mum and dad put on your ceiling as a child as you looked up in awe, well now you can have similarly placed fibre optic lights positioned on the ceiling of your Rolls Royce, for what purpose I don’t know but for 8000 quid they’re yours to fancy.

Now when you’re monied up and have Squillions, you don’t really care what other people think. An additional optional extra on a car which you have already spent tens of thousand of pounds on, well it doesn’t matter if you spend another ten or twenty does it really? But here’s one extra car option I think many of us would agree is really is cool!

Quality And Finesse With Bang & Olufsen In An Audi A8

The Bang & Olufsen speaker system found in the Audi A8 and S8 incorporates a 1000 watt audio system that simply sounds beautiful and is attractive and fun too. There are fourteen separate speakers throughout the car as opposed to the handful you’ usually receive but here’s the fun bit. Two 180 degree tweeters pop up from in front of car’s A pillar as soon as you turn the Bang & Olufsen sound system on. Anything that pops up, turns around, makes a noise at the press of the button is a rich man’s dream and a poor one’s too.

So the world’s most expensive car accessories run from the sublime to the inane and there are plenty more out there to be seen to be believed. Not forgetting the additional cost of maintenance and added car insurance extras should anything go wrong or need replacing. Teak decking – on a car, leather ash trays and glove compartments, rear seat champagne cooler… oh to have Squillions and not worry about the costs in life or the burden of related car insurance. Read more from Mike Carr at MTI For Traders.