The World’s Most Expensive Motorhomes And Caravans

You’ve probably read about the young rich Arab boys coming over to the UK and leaving their uninsured sports cars parked on double yellow and red lines outside Harrod’s department store, well while they haven’t left a motorhome there just yet. I’m not exactly ruling out the possibility in the future.

As with most items and things in life, there’s the cheapest and then there’s the most expensive. At Squillions we deal with both ends of the spectrum but it’s high time we looked at the high end of something, so how’s about the world’s most expensive motorhomes? It’s plausible to opt for the most expensive caravans but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as motor home does.

World’s Most Expensive Motorhome – The eleMMent Palazzo

In recent weeks there has been a bit of a hoo-haa surrounding the Dubai lunch of the eleMMent Palazzo, a golden bar on wheels with room inside for yet more gold bars and perhaps an ample dessert of gold shavings in a vanilla ice cream. The rich man’s trailer comes in at a whopping £2 million pounds and more room than your average semi-detached house in suburban London.

It has, and I am not joking with you either, a rooftop terrace, an on board pop up cocktail bar, fireplace, a huge master bedroom, underfloor heating, a staircase to the second floor and a forty inch television. Not forgetting to mention the bubble shaped driver windscreen that looks like something out of the fly film gone wrong.

Consider what the motorhome insurance must be on this huge beast of a mobile home when you take into account al the added extra, the refinements of marble interiors and the insurers nightmare of a fireplace being on board and the possibility of a forty inch telly being nicked… but then if you’re spunked away two million quid on the world’s most expensive motorhome, you’re probably not in the slightest bit worried about any monthly insurance premiums on the motorhome, are you!?!

The eleMMent Palazzo from Austrian company Marchi Mobile, available in gold or white and probably any other colour you ask for if you’re spending a cool two million on one, is not however the only motorhome insurance nightmare out there on the road or sands of Dubai. In truly British style, a millionaire couple spent over half a million quid on a static caravan.

Abersoch Seafront’s Most Expensive Caravan

You what? Yes they bought a static caravan for 550,000 on a caravan spot in the delightful Abersoch seafront in North Wales. While it still has working carriage and wheels underneath its housing, it’s not your average static caravan. It is however, the world’s most expensive caravan.

With a 15,000 Italian kitchen, decking surrounding the caravan itself, iphone activated central heating and a marble tiled en-suite bathroom with spa shower and jacuzzi bath, it is also three feet away from the Irish sea with a beautiful beach inbetween. the new owners also have access to an on site gym, club house, tennis courts, restaurants and four swimming pools so they’re not completely off their trailers wheels.

So the next time you’re buying your two up two down terraced house, worrying about home insurance, content and other insurance policies. Think for one second about the world’s most expensive motorhomes and caravans and think how luck you are not own on of those… yeah right! Visit Cruckley Caravan for more info.