Tiffany Style Table Lamps UK And Tiffany Ceiling Lights

Definition: A Tiffany table lamp is a lamp which was made by Tiffany Studios in the early 19th century which dealt primarily with Art Nouveau. The majority of products today are either replica Tiffany lamps or Tiffany style table lamps and ceiling lights.

They are usually made to the same standard, using opalescent glass rather than stained glass and pieces which are geometric and soldered to form a lamp and lamp shade that offers colour and an enticing interior accessory.

History And How Tiffany Lamps Are Made: Each generation has their collective of super brains and those who give the world gifts and masterpieces that last an eternity. Louis Comfort Tiffany was such a man. Today, just as in the 1800’s and before, we celebrate stained glass windows as a remarkable art form.

However it took one man, Louis Tiffany to develop the idea into a designer homewares offering. Through his inspiration came what we know today as the Tiffany lamp or Tiffany ceiling light.

Louise was a painter and glass-maker. Combining these two talents led to him being a giant in interior design in the late 19th and early 20th century with his Tiffany Studios business which focused on Tiffany glass.

Previously stained glass was, as the name suggests, paint stained to offer colourful displays within window panes in churches and cathedrals across the world. Louis took this one step further and used opalescent glass to create glass with colour.

A whole different approach and which enabled a new material to be used in wholesale interior home accessories and larger projects like stained glass windows. One of which still stands today in the Mark Twain House.

The mosaics used in Tiffany table lamps and Tiffany ceiling lights have been adapted and rethought over many decades but the process of using opalescent glass to allow for a central designer lamp and colourful attribute to the home remains.

Tiffany Style Table Lamps UK And Tiffany Ceiling Lights

In over 100 years, the Tiffany table lamp is as popular a homeware accessory as it has ever been. Creative mosaics of coloured glass assembled within a wire and soldered to be in perfect symmetry with each other.

The patterns used were and are often geometric and typically a lamp would encompass the entire globular top of a table lamp, leaving symmetrical designs to repeat effectively. However some designs formed pictures and scenes with geometric patterns applied inbetween like that of the Nautilus Seashell.

To purchase an original Tiffany lamp would probably set you back tens of thousands, which many of us can ill afford. There are however many replica Tiffany ceiling lights and lamps which are of the highest quality and are fantastic additions to compliment your home, as well as functional lighting instruments for décor.

You may well have seen various Tiffany style table lamps as you travel the world. Either adorning dinner halls or receptions of hotels and for sale in shops and bazaars the world over.

From a young age many of us are fascinated by maths and how squares, rectangles, circles and triangles can all fit together. The patterns used within a Tiffany styled lamp are geometric to a tee and no amount of discernment can object to the fascination the beholder sat next to a lamp of such stature will encounter.

Together with Tiffany style table lamps, the creative art of symmetrical opalescent glass has been transferred to Tiffany ceiling lights also. While these designs tend to involve large piece of coloured glass, the effect is similar.

The glass pieces are larger in Tiffany ceiling lights to allow more light to escape and due to the large landscape, wider and brighter piecework is more desirable. The ceiling lights are made in the same antique style and feature several lampshades which compliment each other, again with geometric designs throughout which repeat.

Tiffany Ceiling Lights And Tiffany Style Lighting

While the designer lamps featured in the top ten most expensive Tiffany Table Lamps are not exacting rectangles and circles, the pattern is often replicated throughout to provide a quintessential array of beauty and colour.

The table lamps also come in a variety of different shapes and guises. Some only have bulbous tops that are covered in the Tiffany glass piecework, with a metal stand of antique designer effect.

Other Tiffany style lighting lamps however continue the stained glass patterning to the stand itself, which is lit by a secondary bulb to offer not only more illumination but a desirable and unique Tiffany table lamp.

Such is their glamour they can suit any style of décor, an antique setting or contemporary they will be a focal point for guests to talk about and a long lasting design element with function and exceptional design.

Tiffany Lights Sale And Cheap Tiffany Lighting

You don’t need to spend Squillions on replica Tiffany lights, you only need find the pattern you appreciate the most and size for the sum you have in mind, such is the widespread access to Tiffany style table lamps today.

Most can be purchased in the region of £30 to £250 and if you visit our top ten Tiffany table lamps you could view some of the greatest designs at a cost which will leave you mesmerised.

When buying Tiffany ceiling lights or table lamps never do so when they’re switched off. Unlike many products this lamp can only be fully appreciated much in the same way as a switched on television.

Without the light bulb on, patterns while arranged nicely, look plain and colourless. Yet when the magic light is switched on, the Tiffany table lamp explodes with all the vivid colours it was made to offer, ensuring a remarkable display which will have you transfixed for years to come.

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