Top Ten Spy Gadgets Cameras For Home And Office

If you thought the NSA were scary, imagine these top ten spy gadgets in the hands of your husband, wife or office boss? Some man in black 5,000 miles away compared to someone close who actually knows you? Now that is more frightening!

Yet these spy gadget cameras are for sale and are in real use by suspecting wives and established public facing businesses the UK over. Did you really think all those fire sprinklers and PIR cameras in offices and banks were plain old fire and burglar preventive measures?

We have jotted down some of the best top ten spy gadgets cameras for the home and office that are both affordable and guaranteed to provide the results you require.

In the top ten spy camera gadgets list we have GPS trackers, remote audio listening devices, motion sensor cameras and all in the guise of household and office items that your average man wouldn’t suspect.

So let’s get down and dirty and see what your wife or husband is really up to. Or if you’re an office manager keen on seeing who is smoking during working hours and who might be nicking the stationery, save Squillions and get spying on your staff and loved ones.

Squillions takes no responsibility for any laws you may be breaking. I mean come on, as if you’re actually going to plant an iPhone bugging device or track your missus in her car…

10. 720p HD Light Bulb Camera with WiFi Networking

In at number ten and unfairly staying there in the top ten spy gadgets cameras for the home and office. Why? Because it is a full working light bulb and sells for over one hundred sovs. This is proper serious spy stuff ladies and gentleman.

The light bulb spy camera uses the very latest state of the art tech. Connectivity is by wifi but it has embedded within, the ability to save up to 32GB of footage locally. That’s 12 days of video files.

As top ten spy gadgets goes, this could have made number one. It has remote access, plug and play technology, night vision up to ten metres and has an industrial grade processor, the TI-DM365. As if that wasn’t enough, set up is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. How many does it take… Read more.

9. Fire Sprinkler CCD Spy Camera Gadget

Let’s hope there isn’t a fire as this is fake, but the fire sprinkler spy camera is one of the more realistic imitations out thereon the market. It has a CCD lens with 420 TV line quality. That’s right, simply tune your TV and you can switch to the room it is fitted in an instance.

It’s not a cheap spy gadget however, especially if you consider you may wish to have one in each of several rooms in an office or home. At eight quid a sprinkle, that’s some hot and steamy evidence you’ll be eager to capture on it’s 60 degree angle camera lens. Buy here.

8. iPhone DVR Spy Camera With 5MP Photos And Working Phone

Now we’re talking – or rather the person you are bugging is talking. There are a variety of spy phones on the market, this spy iPhone and the Nokia 6600. Both have similar capabilities. We would love to put all of these top ten spy gadgets at number one but that’s life!

People around this phone can soon be the apple of your eye – quite literally. The 5 Mega Pixel Smart phone Spy Camcorder within this spy gadget will record on to an 8GB memory card as a high definition MPEG file. But what if someone picks it up? Have no fear, if they press a button, they don’t see what’s being recorded but the normal iPhone home screen! Now that’s a wrap! View here.

7. GSM Spy Plug Adaptor Bug

I have just swept my home for bugs! Can you believe how realistic all these top ten spy gadgets for the home and office really are? Take a gander at this triple spy plug adaptor. It’s real, it works, it doesn’t capture video but it does record voice.

Which is handy unless you happen to be into spying on people’s feet! This spy plug adaptor is the perfect covert audio surveillance unit. It operates on GSM with a SIM card. All you need do is phone home, it connects silently and you can hear everything through your mobile phone. Electric! View here.

6. Wall Clock DVR Spy Camera VGA 32GB

Quite simply, this should be at number one of the top ten spy gadgets cameras for home and office but the price is staggering. Staggering gorgeous especially when you read what this wall clock spy camera is loaded up with!

It can record up 64 hours of 640 by 480 VGA full colour video. The clocks works and is stylish to boot but get this. The irony is it can record at scheduled times of the day. So if you know the tea lady is eating one too many biscuits on her rounds, you’ve got every tea break covered.

The top ten spy gadget works by motion or on continuous recording and has 25 frames per second. If you think you’ll look a little odd tampering the office wall clock spy camera don’t worry, it comes with a remote control! Clock it here.

5. Wall Light Switch 4GB VGA DVR Spy Camera with Motion Detection

Why include this in the top ten spy gadgets for home and office? Because light switches are everywhere, even if the person being bugged tries it and it fails to work. Not a second thought will be given as that’s what usually happens.

This little beauty will record continuously or on motion detection and capture video and sound for up to eight hours in clear VGA colour. The wall light switch spy camera can also operate on a 13 days stand by thanks to the rechargeable battery life. View here.

4. Photo Frame DVR Spy Camera with Motion Detection 32GB XVGA

Say cheese! This adorable and harmless looking photo frame spy camera makes it in at number four in the top ten spy gadgets as it would suit both the home and the office. It has a 32GB SD card and a motion detection sensor ensuring you don’t record hours of nothing.

It offers full colour recording and audio on an AVI video format and can record up to 12 hours of video at any one time. As top ten spy gadgets go, this is more Amy Pond than James Bond but equally talented. Read more.

3. High Definition Spy Pen DVR Camera – 8GB XVGA 1280-960

Boring, is it? Does it really matter if it’s just a spy pen? What kind of James Bond do you wish to be anyway? Who is going to notice a pen? OK, smart arse, bung a pink elephant in the room and let him report back on the conversation…

This high definition spy pen camera is in at number three in the top ten spy gadgets countdown for a reason. It is one of the best on the market, has 30 frames per second and although has 3 hours of recording time, it can actually save on dormant activity by being set to sound activation.

The video resolution of the spy pen DVR camera is 1280 x 960 XVGA and has 8GB of memory. Covert surveillance often requires an in out method. If there’s no time for a fancy fire sprinkler spy camera, get the maid or operative to ‘forget’ this and your spying operation will be a novella come midnight. Buy here.

2. MP3 Player Hidden DVR Spy Camera – VGA 8GB

The fully working MP3 spy gadget is one of the most affordable hidden spy cameras in the top ten spy gadgets for home and office. MP3 players are everywhere and there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t accidentally leave it behind either.

This little peeping tom can record up to six hours of pure and unadulterated evidence. Has 30 frames per second, records all those awkward noises and uncomfortable conversations and all video is full VGA colour. In at number two, this MP3 Player spy camera is affordable, discreet and music to our ears. Read more.

1. Mini GPS Tracker With Live Tracking and GSM Bug

And here we are. We have all arrived at the winner of the top ten spy gadgets for men list. Look at what we have here, it’s a mini GPS tracker but it offers so much more spying ability.

You can track people, cars, objects and it’s miniature 7cm by 5cm by 3cm size will enable your activities to go unnoticed. There are two similar GPS spy trackers but while this one has no camera you can dial in on the SIM card and hear everything clearly using the SIMCOM GSM module, haring everything within five metres.

While the tracking device has a seven day battery life, you can easily locate it online using GPS or Google maps and track it down to recharge. If it’s a longer covert mission. View here.

So there you have it, and the above is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see a lot more than the titanic coming with the above top ten spy gadgets and cameras for the home and office and the vast range of lamps, USBs and other cheap spy gadgets for me. Take a butchers at more of ’em here.