Touchscreen Gloves iGloves

Touch screen gloves have been around and on the shop shelves for over a year now. With a pair of warm iGloves and a Gentleman’s ball scratcher, my life during winter is almost complete. All that’s required now is a tool to pick my nose (eewww) and my hands stay nice and warm.

There are a variety of touchscreen gloves on the market and anyone who has ever walked the dog and been stuck in the driving winter wind for half an hour will know that removing gloves is an absolutely no no when the weather hits minus one centigrade.

These specially manufactured gloves are made for a touchscreen device. Touchscreen devices such as ipads, iphones and other touch screen mobile phones need not be inaccessible during the winter months any longer. All thanks to the likes of igloves, a pair of Berghaus touch screen glove or an Isotoner purple knitted striped glove.

Designed to keep you warm and ensure the tips of your gloves don’t scratch your device, the touch screen gloves come in a variety of materials and colours to suit all active outdoor males and females.

So which gloves are the best? Maybe you can let us know? Most igloves and touchscreen gloves are one size fits all and unisex but here’s a Squillions’ run down on the ones we found to look warm and funky.

There’s one particular pair at FindMeAGift that we especially like. Smart Gloves for Touch Screens are suitable for all capacitive touch screen devices. The tips of the forefingers, middle fingers and thumbs have non scratch conductive material embedded ensuring no scratches.

Find more touch screen gloves below, now they just need to invent a touch screen umbrella. iPhone gloves, android phone gloves and touch screen gloves are also great for use on ipads should you’re home heating suddenly turn off.