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Renovating your home is no mean feat, especially when it comes to choosing the flooring for each room. It’s a case of having to think ten steps ahead because whichever hardwood flooring you choose, it needs to match the furniture and decor also. We have partnered with online flooring supplies specialists to being cheap engineered wood flooring discount codes to help save money once you’ve decided.

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Engineered wood flooring is different to solid wood flooring. Its make up tends to be of several different woods and manufactured materials and resins, rather than simply a solid plank of oak. It can also be less expensive than completely real wood floors and easier to install and manage long term. Though don’t be mistaken, there is real wood on the top layer at least.

You can make use of cheap engineered wood flooring voucher codes across a retailer’s entire range where applicable. There are usually three layers that form a plank of engineered wood. The top is a hardwood layer, this can of any single species of tree, from Beech, Jatoba, Maple, Oak, Walnut and Ash and other imports such as American Black Walnut and Iroko.

The middle layer is often the connecting piece which enables all you Do It Yourself gurus to fit the planks together efficiently and on your own. This is a plywood or softwood core, sometimes termed HDF and compressed wood. The bottom layer of wood sandwich is the supporting layer, while you should still use underlay, this part offers more structural support. All together the layers are less susceptible to climatic movement, in some cases making for a better choice over solid wood flooring.

The fun aspect of UK Direct cheap engineered wood flooring is that of personal effect. Much like a good leather, you can change its appearance through a variety of treatments such as bleaching or staining. In turn creating a darker or lighter floor to match your interior design objectives. This effect can be doubled up with a variety of polishing offerings of Matt Lacquer, Oiled or Satin Lacquered.

Wood flooring can be further customised through the layout of the planking system. You may have seen some wooden floors have wide planks, others slim and many choose a mix. The cheap engineered wood flooring promo codes are valid against all widths and lengths. Whether you choose fixed lengths of 1.7m, longer lengths, random lengths or widths of 115mm to 200mm. You could also settle upon parquet flooring. View the latest UK Flooring Direct discount codes below.

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There is one issue to be wary of when buying into cheap engineered wood flooring voucher codes and the savings they allow. You need to think long term if you are a business considering installing a wooden floor on your premises. Each wood flooring pack comes with guidance on whether it is suitable for commercial foot traffic, heavy or very heavy domestic foot flow.

While many of the engineered flooring packs come with 20, 25 and 30 year guarantees, you need to ensure the correct ongoing maintenance and suitability long term before relying on that warranty to be effective. That said, some engineered wood floors are more than acceptable for heavy foot traffic. Such as the Galleria Elite and Galleria Legacy ranges. Typically you need maximum thickness for commercial wood floors and 18mm to 22mm minimum.

If you are shopping for wood flooring for the home then the task is less taxing. With over forty-five separate engineered wood floor designs to choose from, simply order a free sample on the ones that stand out and see how they match your home’s current decor. Engineered oak wood flooring right through to engineered walnut wood flooring can be styled in varnishes and treated for that final desirable finish and even changed at a later date.

Browse the many engineered wood floor products online now, select from 3 strip lacquer, brushed oiled, 130mm smoked lacquer, Oak flooring cocoa oiled and brand names such as Fusion, Barlinek, Galleria and Trade Choice. Save Squillions with a Flooring365 discount code or UK Direct cheap Engineered Wood Flooring discount codes April 2020 here. Or check to see if the 15% UK Flooring Direct vouchers are in play.

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