UK Offers On Black Friday Discount Voucher Codes

It is very rare that a retailer term goes viral and much more rare that the general public understands it. However, mention the phrase Black Friday and many in the UK will know the meaning. From a retailer’s perspective, it is for many the turning point in profit. In accountancy speak, operating in the red is a loss and in the black a profit. Hence UK Black Friday discount codes and the outpouring of love by shoppers nationwide.

What Is Black Friday Exactly?

Like many things capitalist and holidays, our cousins over in the United States came up with the concept. In joyful mood after a family dinner and Thanksgiving holiday – not your typical UK holiday for obvious reasons – Black Friday falls on the day after. They go crazy over there for all the bargains on offer. You see, a retailer generally makes the majority of its money at peak season. This can come at different times but for the majority of online shops and bricks and mortar, Christmas sales and the run up is peak.

While your garden furniture stores would disagree ever so slightly, millions of people buying presents for family and friends is big business. To capitalise and kick off the spending spree, imported American companies in the UK brought us Black Friday discount codes. Not forgetting Cyber Monday also but that’s for another article. The two days together over the last two decades have been the busiest shopping day in retailing history. A time when many retailers operating in the red, move into the black and pass that celebration on to customers.

It is also bred out of greed. After all, if your competitor is lowering the prices to keep the profit margins moving up, the rest need to as well. So everyone from Amazon to Figleaves, Hotel Chocolat and Currys alongside several thousand other retailers, will promote their own offers on Black Friday voucher codes. The big corporate giants like Amazon go mad but then they have the buying power to be able to shave more off.

Do Black Friday Discount Codes 2015 Offer A Good Deal?

It has been known that some Black Friday offers can reduce prices on products as much as 90%. That is one of the reasons people in America get up so early and queue up outside of a shop. Imagine your local Currys or Asda reducing televisions by 50% to 60%. To make the most of these Black Friday deals people carry wads of cash to take advantage of the bargains on offer. So much so that retailers often have to limit the amount of each item an individual customer can buy. Otherwise everyone would walk out with with ten televisions.

Do retailers really make money out of Black Friday voucher codes? The answer is yes. It’s a simple mathematical calculation. If all your purchase orders, staffing costs, electricity bills and other essential overheads are already paid right through to the end of the tax year by Black Friday, then any other money that retailer brings in is pure profit. Even if they make a loss on certain items (termed loss leaders, which is slightly illegal) the chance of a customer buying more than they would increases profit margins shop wide.

Not all people enjoy UK Black Friday offers. Thanksgiving being good for its namesake sees presents exchanged by family members. For almost eighty years previous to its entry into the UK, the day was notorious. Not amongst shoppers, oblivious to the entire reasoning. But to the Police, councils and especially those controlling the hoards in Philadelphia. In the sixties, it was a negative term, not known for Black Friday discount codes but traffic congestion, brawls and fighting in shopping centres and overall population movement.

Any Tips For UK Black Friday Voucher Codes?

Today, the US at large is pretty much co-operative. With some states even allowing trading to begin on the night of Thanksgiving. The third Thursday of November. In the UK some 24 hour shops like Asda and Tesco, and several larger retail outlets do slash prices at a second past midnight but invariably 5am, 6am and 7am openings is not unknown. People do queue overnight. For people who need to save, receiving 50% off a Playstation or another valuable product is too much to miss.

Now comes the good part. We have gathered up quite a few Black Friday offers from the several thousand retailers that Squillions works with. All you need do is tap in the retailer name, product or monetary / percentage offer in the search box and all of the related Black Friday deals will be returned on this page. With regards to tips for Black Friday voucher codes, there is perhaps three. Do your research early, be online or instore for launch time and get your cash and credit card at the ready. Stuff will go fast as thousands of people are watching the same page you are, anticipating those bargain discounts!

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What Is The Future Of Black Friday Deals?

The retailer celebration certainly doesn’t look like it will lose momentum any time soon. With many nations still in deep recession it is difficult to know when you are actually getting the better bargain these days. Suffice to say Black Friday discount codes UK certainly apply to a more wide ranging base of products than at any other time of the year.

As usual, buyer beware. It’s far too easy to buy something because it’s cheap even when you don’t really need it. Simply screw your head on and make the most of it. The future of Black Friday is looking distinctly favourable for all on both sides of the water. Happy Thanksgiving – I guess!!