Valentino Printed Silk Garden Of Earthly Delights Dress

The Valentino Printed Garden Of Delights Dress

Who or what Is Valentino? Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani is both a fashion designer and a household brand of luxury clothing and accessories. Households that tend to have turrets, drawbridges and moats but nevertheless well known. As a brand and company there are many people who work with him, these include British designer Zandra Rhodes whose ensemble designed this particular silk pleated dress, with the entire Spring Summer 2017 catalogue overseen by Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Who Is Hieronymus Bosch? This very creative Dutch artist lived from 1450 as Jheronimus van Aken and most assuredly didn’t expect to have his artwork feature as a silk Garden of Earthly Delights dress. He is a worthy name in Triptych art – panel painting, which is a painting spread across three screens which tends to fold. 500 year old religiously depicted art which is much celebrated and in particular The Garden of Earthly Delights, The Temptation of St. Anthony and the Last Judgement are but a few.

What is Hieronymus Bosch artwork doing on a Valentino silk dress? It’s worth noting that these are conceptual pieces, not the exact replication of Bosch’s complicated works. Oft displays of nudity have been removed, the basis of flora and fauna remain from the first panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights scene. Zandra Rhodes has been inspired by Bosch and has surrounded female embodiment with one of Europe’s most fantastic yet indescribable artists.

What is interesting about the Valentino printed silk midi Garden of Earthly Delights dress? It is of course captivating, the pleat dress encapsulates Hieronymus Bosch yet is removed from the original scenes. It enables the wearer to tell a story, though anyone who is anyone will be instantly aware that she should have worn the Printed Valentino crêpe-de-chine dress that is now being flaunted before her very eyes. Yes it could well be that type of dress that raises a toast and the gaze of eyes all on its very own.

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Did we mention it is silk, pure silk. At more than £3000 you’ll be forgiven for not thinking otherwise. If you were not the envy of the party before you were invited, you will be after wearing this. You yourself becoming The Garden of Earthly Delights. Although individual interpretation will be the factor in deciding what exactly Hieronymus Bosch and Zandra Rhodes wishes that to mean. Let’s look at where the hand drawn landscape prints motifs are gleamed from.

Garden Of Earthly Delights Scarf Valentino Zandra Rhodes

The best way to apportion artistic compliment is to show the main Garden of Earthly Delights print from a Valentino Zandra Rhodes’ Garden of Delights scarf (above). It itself then goes on to transcribe the story in detail throughout the variety of other Hieronymus Bosch dresses and accessories in the Valentino collection for SS17. You’ll find the distinctively shaped trees, in-sync birds in flight and the mountains / hills and sun rays depicted above in greater refinement, then placed accordingly across the range on the Bosch silk pleated dress, silk scarf and other Garden of Delight dresses.

The entire Valentino collection was showcased on the catwalk back in October 2016. Pierpaolo Piccioli stated that “The idea of the Bosch painting was because I was seeking out that idea from the past… I think of Bosch and The Garden Of Delights not as a Renaissance painting, but before this time, from the Middle Ages.” It would be quite easy for modern dress makers and artisans of clothing to take the artwork produced by Zandra Rhodes and just mass print for retailers around the Globe in an Asian sweatshop manner.

More affordable but not quote that statement that this luxury fashion designer and Valentino go for. It’s tradition all the way when it comes to ‘Made in Italy’ and a sentiment to be proud of. Which is why Zandra’s hand drawn images have been pretty much replicated across these very fine Garden Of Earthly Delights silk dresses. One of many materials, many shapes and many types of clothings the inspired Hieronymus Bosch drawings reside upon.

The Must Have Valentino Garden of Earthly Delights Dress

The Valentino Crepe De Chine print dress with selected Garden of Delights motif has a length of 123 cms and flows at the calves to show triangular flashes of rose, which rise up the leg to break the pattern of the dress. This pleat detailing and design is replicated on the cuffs of the long sleeves and is finished at the neckline with a round collar. All in all, a resplendent silk Valentino pleated dress that is looking forward to being a part of your story.

Valentino Crepe De Chine Dress Garden Of Earthly Delights

As silk midi dresses go, you will not have to look far for matching accessories. Indeed, it’s suggested to us that the Garden of Earthly Delights sandals might make for fitting footwear. And the delightful scarf pictured above too. It’s pink, with red flashes, it’s pleated and crepe, it’s Valentino and Zandra Rhodes and it’s a walking piece of art fashioned on the Netherland’s Hieronymus Bosch. I don’t know whether it’s a Bosch dress, a Garden of Delights silk dress or simply another fantastic Valentino pleated midi dress but you can get your hands on one here.