Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Belt Bags

  • Gold stud Spike belt bags from Valentino Garavani
  • Velvet, leather with buckle belts for security
  • They’re like Dr Who’s Tardis inside – honest!
  • If you’re from Liverpool and have big hair, you’re back in trend
  • For around £1000 you can flaunt VLTN

Autumn Winter 2018 has arrived and boy have we got a spectacular range of Valentino fanny packs for you to carry all your make up in. What? You’re British? That will be Valentino Rockstud belt bags then. If you want to wear them on your rear like a silly person, bum bags.

I’m getting older, I must be. I was wearing white jeans in 1998 before they came back into fashion but designer fanny packs? When did they go upmarket and appeal to the filthy rich? Fair play to Valentino Garavani as he’s pulled it off and very well indeed but if you’re about to tell me that he’s going to create upmarket Scouser tracksuits for Spring Summer 2019, I’m going to advise “Eh Eh Eh calm down!”

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To an American, I believe fanny packs were cool. Of course not everything that makes its way to the Motherland evokes the same feeling. Corn dogs for example. For as much as we all connect products to parts of the body, necklaces, cross body bags, even bum bags, calling something a fanny pack in England was always going to raise an eye brow.

Presenting the Rockstud belt bag, the American site URL on the official site does state fanny packs but that’s expected. Spike Bum bags is also out I think, because once you strap something worth £1000 around your waist you pretty much wish your arms to react faster than a ‘back to front’ CP30 should a VLTN burglar attempt to snatch your fanny – too funny.

I am still sat in amazement that belt bags are a thing, of course it was only natural that after utility bags became a fashion item again, that the depths of fashion world would be sunk to such a level. I think to date we’ve had baggage room zipped up areas in our trainers, more pockets in jeans, jackets with wearables, even pouches for the wrist and neck and head.

As a man it is inconceivable to imagine needing so much space, as much as I enjoy carrying a bit of cash, a debit card and keys are pretty much all I carry. Women today like to carry tasers, tablets, mobile phones, books, hair brushes, make up, a change of clothes and underwear, condoms, medication, a bottle of Gin, mineral water, a small dog, a very small pony and a mirror, so you may need a few of these Valentino belt bags with Rockstuds and Spikes to make room for it all.

AW18 – Valentino Rockstud Spike Belt Bags Collection

Americans call them fanny bags, the British, bum bags despite them facing forwards and they were very much never out of fashion for older people, who let’s face it were accustomed to wearing utility belts during the war. Good training when you imagine a Swiss Army Knife being good preparation for 14 Swiss Credit Cards. Those horrid little plastic bum bags that were so prevalent in the 1980s, whatever were the British thinking? Ghastly. These Valentino Rockstud spike belt bags are entirely something else however.

Black Leather Valentino Rockstud Belt Bag

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Belt Bag Worn

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Valentino goes full on Rockstud with the black leather VLTN belt bag. Not only highly studded with silver pyramid studs but zipped to the heavens too.

A zip fastening, zipped front pocket and here comes Zippie who loves the zipped interior pocket so that the things that jingle don’t get in the way of the rhythmic movement as you rock to work and home again.

  • Presented in a Valentino dust bag
  • Made in Italy
  • H12cm x L23cm x D5cm approx

Leather Valentino Belt Bag Rockstud Spike Logo

Valentino Garavani RockStud Spike Belt Bag Front

Black Valentino Rockstud Spike Belt Bag Inside Zip

Those that love Valentino Garavani love the branded merchandise, it ain’t hookey if it’s logo’d up right? Dropping all the vowels the leather belt bag has a huge display of the VLTN logo on the front. The leather Rockstud belt bag has a buckle belt to make your financial investment much more secure. Or extend to fit as a cross body bag.

Red / Blue Velvet Valentino Belt Bag In Rockstud Spike Style

Gold Pyramid Rockstud Belt Bag Valentino Velvet

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Don’t you just love the feel of velvet? If I had as much money as this fashion designer I would return home and cover my walls with the stuff.

Yes in bright blue and fluorescent red, just like these Valentino Rockstud Spike belt bags. They come in a variety of colours with pyramid style gold studs to match and a zip fastening. Luxury belt bags do not come looking better than these.

  • Velvet with leather lining
  • Comes with a Valentino Garavini dust bag
  • H12cm x W19cm x D5.5cm approx.

Valentino Garavani Pyramid Rockstud Spike Belt Bag

Velvet Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike T Belt Bag

Valentino BeltBag Side Velvet Gold Rockstud Spike

The Velvet Rockstud Spike Belt Bag is not to be messed with, nor you when you wear it. Most definitely a statement piece and to be worn very carefully. I should think as an accessory either as a bride at a White Wedding or as a guest. This article got me thinking, do you reckon there’s a diamond stud version? Imagine the cost of a Diamond Valentino belt bag? Squillions! £430,000? I’ll have two!

Mint Leather Rockstud Spike Belt Bag With Pyramid Studs

Leather Belt Bag Mint Valentino Rockstud Spike

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Who would have thought luxury Valentino belt bags could be so varied? You can’t just buy an accessory like this and expect it to match everything.

OK, the black leather belt bag makes swatching with clothes a lot easier but this Mint Rockstud spike belt bag is really snooty. It says take me baby but only in a long dress or a darker business outfit and evening wear.

  • Zip fastening
  • Pyramid studs
  • Pure leather

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Leather Belt Bag

Leather Valentino Rockstud Spike T Belt Bag Mint

Valentino Mint Leather Belt Bag T Rockstud Spike

The mint Rockstud belt bag in mint has a Zip fastening comes with the bog standard pyramid studs and made of pure Italian leather – which is the good stuff! Of course most Valentino accessories such as these come with a Valentino Garavini dust bag and most measure approximately 12cm x 19cm x 5.5cm so if you can calculate the mass and fit the kitchen sink in darling, we’re all happy as larry, or Gary, Barry and Terry.

So you heard it here first, at Squillions, Ladies and Gentleman. Non-Flammable Valentino Scouser Tracksuits coming to a catwalk near you soon. Gary, Barry and Terry will be proud. An Harry Enfield vs Valentino Garavani collaboration. They really shouldn’t let me write about fashion, should they? Get stuck into these Valentino Rockstud belt bags quick smart as they will go faster than Speedy Gonzales.