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Have you ever had an headache after a healthy night’s drinking? Do you think that’s from the natural ingredients or perhaps it’s the chemicals the producers put in lager and beer today? Often I think the latter but what do I know? Well one thing, there is an alternative and it comes with Van Bulck Beers discount codes for their high quality organic Belgian beer range.

You may wonder what Belgians know about beer but by all accounts they are known for growing world class Hops. I am having a Michael Caine moment but not many people know this. You don’t have to own a beer company to be able to launch a beer, the oldest of olde beer companies can instead on your behalf and that’s exactly what Denis Renty did.

He’s some flash chef / sommelier type that saw an opening in the market, it’s what entrepreneurs do. Now in consort with a Belgian beer company that has been in operation since the 1830s, he’s making waves, well beer but you know what I mean. Natural and organic and created to match the desires of customers wishing to dump products in exchange for Van Bulck Beer voucher codes that as I mentioned earlier, have a ton of chemicals in them.

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I’m not a chemist, a pharmacist or a magician. I’m not about to tell you that your parents were correct by cooking you only fresh food, lean white meat and the occasional red. No I won’t tell you that because you should know yourself that it was you at age 14 who ate sweets, burgers and chose to be a fool and destroy your own body.

OK I’m talking about myself, have an organic beer? Sure, I’ll have three please Mr Denis Renty. If you tell me that synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), growth hormones, irradiation or antibiotics all stop doing their thing at the intended stage I’ll fall off my chair laughing. So yes I’ll have something free of that stuff that is force fed to animals and sprayed upon crops and if you don’t mind Madam I’ll have a higher percentage and 20% off Van Bulck Beers discount code too. You don’t have one!?! Why? Profit?

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Pairing food with drink. As children we figured this out ourselves and I think adults followed by example. If you take certain sugary sweets and a fizzy pop drink you can start foaming at the mouth as if you have rabies. There’s a whole variety of foods that go down well with other drinks and that’s the job of a Sommelier. To charge you ten times the cost of a bottle because he knows it tastes fantastic and makes a meal of McBurger and Chips that much better.

Denis thinks the same about beer and food as the world does about wine and food. He feels certain beers can be paired with certain foods and this is exactly what Sommeliers have started doing. Therefore these organic craft beers he has created such as the Van Bulck Organic Wild Fruit Beer would go down well with Venison, stews and wild berry deserts. Easy no? I’d pair the drinks with a Van Bulck Beers discount code but then I’m tight.

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Gluten free organic lager… Organic Blonde Beer… Organic Wild Fruit Beer… which of these goes well with Panna cotta with apricot coulis? I don’t really care to be honest, buy the beer, drink it, buy some more. Actually I had some Romanian beer the other day, bought out by Germans though and it was unfermented so there are markets for all sorts of beer types these days but I think the tag line “Beer without chemicals like other Belgian beers” may go down pretty well amongst the general public, though possibly not with the legal system.

Two creations from this family enterprise won Winner of the International Beer Challenge in 2015 and 2014. Despite all the talk of family history in Belgium, the beer company being around since 1830 you can actually buy these organic beers online from Tunbridge Wells by using the latest Van Bulck Beers discount codes for February 2020 F&B Premium Brands Ltd here.

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