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Don’t you find it amazing that every retailer or at least quite a few, find a different way to sell furniture and furnishings despite the products being absolutely and wholly similar? The way the sofa is manufactured, in which country and are the workers paid enough. Are the materials sourced in a sustainable way and marketed in the correct manner. That’s a little different.

While quite a lot of retailers are more responsible and ethical these days, here’s perhaps one that you should pay closer attention too. While of course what really matters is; is the sofa comfortable, with a great design, long lasting fabric and made well. It’s also good to find what you need with a company that thinks about the world around them. Even better if there’s money to be saved with a Venoor discount code and there usually is.

The brand is named after a village in Southern India, Venur. I has meaning the company’s founder. In these rural areas deforestation is a problem, as are the economic effects. for every order generated via their website, a tre is planted in that region. It’s a start. Alongside educational and work programmes for the locals.

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It’s possible to write more about being ethical and providing a living wage to the manufacturing base but you can read all about that on their website. I’d like to briefly mention what they can offer you and your home or business. The team designs the products you find on their website. From sofas and chairs to household accessories to make your home more beautiful and your life better.

The Venoor Living voucher codes that you can discover below are tailored to not just give money away but to entice you further into their brand offering. It may be money off a certain spend or an action on their furniture site like subscribing to their newsletter. The priciest goods are the largest like thee seater sofas, dining room tables and chairs but there are cheaper furnishings to be found.

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Furnishings are more frequently bought than furniture, that’s granted so here you can find novel ideas not focusing on India but French and from across the world. Venoor voucher codes for use against purchases of Mirrors, cushions, rugs, shelves and storage solutions. Buy a white chalk rug that is fashioned from wool and cotton and hand woven. Or give a home to a Rani Jaffa Orange Cushion Cover based upon Scandinavian style, made from linen.

With this retailer product descriptions are not enough. While size, cloth and style matter they take the time to explain where the product is made, how and in a mystical way you find out why and it;s not always just to sell to you. Sorry, though obviously that’s the main objective. Use your Venoor Living discount codes for September 2018 here.

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