Virgin Atlantic Little Red’s Inflight Entertainment Gigs

Where can you see art at 30,000 feet? On a London to New York Virgin Atlantic flight of course! Next question. Where can you find the latest up and coming comedians and musicians? Yes that’s right, on a stage in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, which departs at least three times a day and heads towards the Sun.

Virgin Atlantic Little Red Flights have broken the sound barrier once again by inaugurating a new inflight entertainment service. While schedules are up in the air, if you’re flying with Little Red airlines you could see yourself being mesmerised and entertained for 1hr 40 minutes by singers and comedy acts on your next UK domestic flight.

Imagine if Virgin had got BMI’s flight slots decades ago. Could you as a passenger have been treated to the likes of Oasis, Pulp or Morcheeba? What about the Rolling Stones? It must be quite a task fitting in all the equipment for a band. So it’s probably best you go to the toilet before you leave.

Live Comedy And Music With The Virgin Atlantic Little Red Airline

Imagine the Beatles turning up, “Ringo in the toilet on drums… George Harrison on lead guitar in the cockpit… Stuart Sutcliffe in the Kitchen and Paul McCartney in row 26 with Auntie Marjorie and John Lennon in row 2 with your Aberdeen neighbour from three doors down. Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles will entertain you on your flight to London!”

All of a sudden that boring Airbus A320 flight no longer exists. you’ve just had your early morning free hot breakfast bacon roll and free coffee but now have the urge for a light ale. You summon the stewardess. The drinks start flowing, all 174 passengers plus band are rocking to the latest hits. The plane is doing somersaults and dives in tandem with the drum beat and melody.

The swinging sixties are back and Sir Richard Branson is leading the change in inflight entertainment from the fore. Bacardi and Martinis are in full flow, the children have their Irn-Bru and Ringo is being asked not to join the mile high club and put that cigarette out immediately.

Entertainment at 30,000 feet may never be the same again. Thanks to Little Red Airlines producing live entertainment on board their flights. Virgin Atlantic recently trailed live gigs on their aeroplanes on their Scotland schedule for the Edinburgh Festival with up and coming comedians trying with success to keep the passengers amused inbetween their free snacks and drinks.

Alternative Entertainment And Live Gigs On An Airbus A320

It’s an audacious move in an industry that up until recently didn’t even allow mobile phones to be used in flight. It is also a change from the inflight film, pop up tv screen and spending half an hour watching the little plane move across a world map, peeking out the window to see if you can see any fields or landmarks below. Nope, cloud again.

Sir Richard Branson told the world’s media “‘In true Virgin Atlantic spirit, we’re doing something a little different and providing our passengers with a line-up of gigs to ensure we offer a truly unforgettable flying experience on Little Red.” Indeed, if the musician is playing the bag pipes and the plane suddenly finds turbulence, it may well be truly unforgettable in that kilt.

Only time will tell what passengers think of live entertainment aboard Little Red flights while they’re writing their business meeting, catching forty winks or trying nervously to forget they’re even flying. Passengers often decry the sound of babies, how they will handle Pulp wailing we shall never know.

Life is about living and having fun. Entertainment is a huge side of that, so why not spruce up a little boring journey with comedians and musicians, art galleries and who knows what next. Check the Little red flights timetable and prices here and don’t miss Lucy in the sky with Little Red airline diamonds. Faced with a tedious train journey from Aberdeen to London, I think Little Red Flights just got ahead by a nosecone.