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Online courses can save time as well as money for both individuals and companies. If you wish to cram a subject in and learn a new trade, there’s no better way than learning online. We have teamed up with an industry leader in education online to provide money saving Virtual College voucher codes.

As with any vendor of training it is important to study with a qualified school that can match their certification against any in the world. VC have achieved this through working under the guidance of CPD certification. Ensuring that over 300 of their online courses are compatible with international continuing professional development examinations, qualifications and standards.

The company serves not only individuals seeking to take on new knowledge, shore up their current learning curve or looking to earn qualifications for a new career move. But also sells wholesale to businesses and trade directly. For those wishing to train more than ten personnel at any one time, bulk Virtual College discount codes can be applied automatically.

With the advent of the internet, the term e-learning was coined, though distance learning was already in play long before. Recently a new term and M-learning courses has been used to adapt to technological change and offering people the chance to learn on the go. M-learning while similar can use different metrics and apps to reach the same certification.

No matter which course you buy online, the Virtual College promo codes will reward your purchase with a discount if the terms and conditions allow. Here we detail how Businesses and Trade can benefit from Bulk Discounts on online courses and furthering CPD at all levels. View the latest discount codes below.

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VC have been offering courses and furthering the nation’s education since inception in 1995. Their remarkable rise has bee made possible by staying ahead of the game at every opportunity. Not even the school curriculum has managed this. So it’s no wonder local councils are some of their biggest ongoing clients. Trading twenty years and fully CPD certified, you can buy in confidence online.

Between the years of 2011 and 2015 they more than doubled their customer base. Going from 600,000 registered online learners to 1.6 million at the last count. A great many of those used bulk discounts and Virtual College voucher codes to lessen the cost of online tuition. You can do the same using the latest offers above.

Knowledge and learning does not always come in the form of a GCSE or A Level. There are many different proficiency that can be obtained outside of the subset of known qualifications. In adult learning these are known as CPD or continuing professional development. The ability to size up qualifications across the world depending on the course criteria and knowledge gained.

This is why when you browse their course catalogue or choose course by category you can do so knowing full well that no matter which you choose, your certificate will be recognised internationally. In some trades it is often the law that you need to refresh your knowledge curve every five years. These CPD courses can allow you to meet those legal and business demands and the ongoing Virtual College deals will bring that cost down.

You are able to search on specific CPD accredited courses or head to the more varied parts and select a form of study by category. Food Hygiene Training, Equality and Diversity, Hospitality and Health and Safety are all hugely popular courses. Browse the most popular and new course sections for alternative ideas on online courses.

Businesses invest a lot of time and money in courses devised to train their staff to certain levels. New employees often go through induction courses and enter into an agreement to continue learning throughout their time at the company. With Virtual College offers both employer and employee can build a proper program of CPD that is beneficial to not only individuals but a company and staff retention also.

The areas covered by the online courses are vast and courses can even be tailored to your company’s needs. Business, Retail, Education Health Care through to apprenticeships, fire safety and individual courses aimed at introductions to trades with modules for specific operational learning. Save Squillions with your Virtual College discount codes April 2020.

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