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It doesn’t matter who you are, which class you think you’re in or how connected you are. When discovering something new, each of us love to believe we are one of the first to see it and own it. This is the feeling a great many people get when landing upon the VonShef website. It’s cool, witty, dedicated to delight and the VonShef discount codes only further that appeal.

If you’re intrigued by this very new to market brand, then you should be. Although we feel a bit sad about unravelling the mystery, it’s a compelling story, though short that needs to be told. They are seemingly one of the fastest growing small appliance brands in the UK. Behind the scenes is an entrepreneurial spirit and team of Mark Januszewski and Craig Foster who run Designer Habitat.

An in-house design team that have devised the VonShef and VonHaus appliances which can be found at a worldwide online retailer and a UK nationwide superstore and also at the Domu website. Which is their frontage for all their sales online. Quietly placed amongst some of the best known kitchen appliance brands the world has come to rely upon. With VonShef voucher codes enabled across certain product lines throughout the year.

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If you are reading this in 2015 then you are a part of a growing army of householders that have fallen in love with this brand. With items ranging from small kitchen appliances to baking and cookware, you are one of hundreds of thousands of people that are about to be immersed in the world of VonHaus and VonShef as they are entering the European market very shortly. Their message is to deliver unique and bespoke designs on familiar kitchen appliances but at an affordable price.

Not necessarily cheap small appliances but nevertheless cheaper. Whether it’s the VonShef baby food maker, 2.5L food processor or 300w hand mixer, they are going all out to make food preparation gadgets to make your life in the kitchen easier, but functional and with a laudable design aspects too. The VonShef discount codes aim to help in lowering the cost and hopefully allowing you to buy into a second or third kitchen accessory.

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They have brought dozens of new small appliances to households around the country and they haven’t even begun to take on the big brands yet. This is certainly an exciting time for VonShef. Have you seen the VonShef electric pasta maker? That’s right, you can now make pasta fresh in your own home much easier. They even have a ravioli kit. These are displayed elegantly against electric meat slicers and a variety of kitchen knives and cooking utensils.

If you thought the party was truly under way, you be startled to find it is only just in the planning. Head to the drinks section and you” be able to browse through stylish steel machinations of VonShef cocktail shakers, steel wine coolers, even a manual ice crusher machine. Quite where this company sprung up from I don’t know (Manchester, I lied) but I really do like what they offer and the teasing of VonShef voucher codes is really a temptation too far.

If you need to get some fresh air because you’re getting giddy over such a wide range of VonShef accessories, then take a deep breath. As in the garden you might see yet more trendy wares such as folding trestle tables, fruit infusion jug and a tartan picnic backpack. Yes that’s right all designed by Designer Habitat and offered under this brand and sold at the website below.

If you’ve taken to calling yourself VonAndy or VonSarah and have renamed your home VonTowers, then save Squillions with the very latest VonShef discount codes which are featured above. For more enticing offers on homewares such as kitchen appliances, home furnishings and accessories, take a look at the Domu discount codes October 2017 for the very best deals. VonShef appliances are not for sale on the main website and we have partnered with this retailer to offer the best value.

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