White Children’s Bedroom Furniture Sets

There is so much planning involved when a new child is on the way, from toys, clothes, and incidentally while you’re here, white children’s bedroom furniture sets. Typically selling your current children as they’re expiring soon and reaching teenage years, so as to fund equipment and accessories for the new child isn’t usually something you can get away with.

So to help manage your finances and provide children’s bedroom furniture that will outlive your child’s growth spurts, we’ve found a way to save yourself Squillions by investing in some very contemporary white children’s bedroom furniture. The items below, white wardrobe, white chest of drawers and white beds can be bought individually or as a whole bedroom furniture set.

The great wonder about these furniture items is that they offer so much storage and at the same time the bed grows with your children. No not spurting branches or pimples but white beds that can be split or extended depending on your future needs. Take for instance the white bunk bed. Suitable for two young children yes, but what happens when they outgrow the fun of  a bunk bed and demand their own space?

The white bunk bed can be split into two separate beds offering unique children’s bedroom furniture that can stay with the family many more years than your average bunk bed. The same applies to the other beds in this white children’s bedroom furniture sets collection. The white cot bed’s mattress has three different levels and then miraculously turns into a bed for a toddler and a single white bed.

The only bed in the children’s bedroom furniture set that isn’t entirely magical is the single white bed. But that looks glorious in itself when situated next to the other fine lime wood items in this white bedroom furniture set adventure. The chest of drawers, small white wardrobe and white bed chest await your perusal.

Classic White Cot Bed

This isn’t just a cot bed. It’s from a planet outside our solar system where parents no longer have to throw out cot beds because their child has grown a little bigger! Oh no, this classic white cot bed is convertible, meaning when your baby becomes a toddler the bed can be converted to junior bed.

Finished in a soft white paint, the white cot bed has three adjustable mattress height settings, a foot board and side panels. The white bed measures H96cm x L147cm x W78cm. Buy the convertible white cot bed here.

Classic White Convertible Bunk Bed

Another white bed that’s out of this world, this classic white convertible bunk bed is no ordinary bunk bed. While suitable for two young children to take it in turns on the top bunk, when they get older the white bunk bed can be split in two to form two junior beds.

The white bunk bed has a solid lime frame painted in a soft white colour and comes with ladder and side panels. A two bed solution in one bunk bed, saving you some money as your children grow and grow. The bed measures H180cm x L207cm x W122cm. Get the classic white convertible bunk bed here.

Classic White Single Bed

If you’re only just now discovering the overwhelming stylish effects of white children’s bedroom furniture sets then get started with this classic white single bed. Like those above it is made from a solid lime frame, innocently painted white and will match the contemporary children’s furniture below.

For children four years old and above, mattress can bought separately and it measures L204cm x W103cm x H98cm. Buy the white single bed here.

Classic White Chest Of Drawers

As with any children’s bedroom furniture it’s imperative that the surfaces are easy to clean. With this furniture set that’s assured thanks to the silky soft white surface which makes wiping finger prints away a breeze. This entire children’s bedroom furniture set is made from lime wood and can be bought separately or as a whole kid’s bedroom solution.

The classic white chest of drawers measures H89cm x W90cm x D50cm and comes with four drawers, two deep at bottom and midway and two more at the top. The chest of drawers is designed with top and bottom wood styled groove finishing adding an extra feature and the drawers with round knobs. Buy here.

Classic White Bed Chest

This children’s white bedroom furniture set wouldn’t be complete with that little white bed chest that offers additional storage space for everything else that doesn’t fit. A glorious three tiered drawer with fine wood styled groove finishing compliments the white wardrobe and white bed very well.

Once again coming in a silky white finish, the classic white bed chest measuring H63cm x W50cm x D37cm comes fully assembled and makes for a great bedside table alongside the single white bed above and indeed the white convertible bunk bed. Buy the classic white bed chest here.

Classic Small White Wardrobe

If this is small, it would be entertaining if they sold a large. This classic small white wardrobe is enormous. The white wardrobe offers a lot of storage space with two clothes rails top and bottom for those miniature children’s clothes and ample room to place other items thanks to an additional shelf surface half way, separating the two rails.

An exceptional piece of children’s bedroom furniture, the small white wardrobe also has two drawers at the bottom for all those other fiddly children’s clothes that don’t hang or fold well. As children’s bedroom furniture sets go, you’d have to go along way to beat these. Buy the white wardrobe here.

White children’s bedroom furniture sets aren’t rare but style, function and well designed furniture is. The white furniture items offer a lot of storage space for their size and importantly, storage solutions and not just space. The beds are also unique in that they literally grow with your children. Check for the latest The White Company discount codes.