White Marble Chopping Boards And Wooden Heart

How does one get excited about a chopping board? There are of course a wide range of bog standard and feature rich chopping boards on the market today, each with their pros and cons. One particular board growing in popularity are white marble chopping boards which offer a distinct upper class effect and can reside on the table top surface for all visitors to admire.

If an English man’s home is his castle, then in this day and age the kitchen must be his third cousin’s (twice removed) shed. But thanks to the recession many people are now dumping their cousin, twice removed and kitting their kitchens out in much needed kitchen accessories to not only look stylish but to be working instruments of food assembly.

The cost of marble has fallen recently allowing more stylish and well finished products to become accessible to more of the nation. While take aways, fast food and frozen meals are still on the menu, many people are cutting back and discovering the delights of home cooking and through financial necessity are actually finding the process an enjoyable and more healthy experience.

With new found pride in home cooking comes the inevitable upgrade of kitchen utensils and accessories from cutting knives to stoneware. All of which add a distinct touch of class and superiority to any welcoming kitchen. Marble chopping boards are vividly outspoken, place any Indian marble chopping board alongside a wooden board and the choice is pretty clear.

But do white marble chopping boards stand up to the test of time? Well, if you’re expecting any chopping board to outlast your 18th century mahogany table with all the cutting and daily wiping down, then no. Each and every chopping board, whether wooden, slate, plastic or rubber will have a life expectancy.

There is also the issue of bacteria, a topic we’re advised to worry about more than we actually should. White marble chopping boards do become stained from acidic foods over time and yes, while durable and hard wearing can fall to the fate of the vengeful knife and will become marked. Which chopping board doesn’t?

There is also the design aspect to consider with chopping boards, functionality is becoming a key part in chopping boards where plastic and rubber boards can probably offer much more than styled marble and wooden chopping boards. For instance becoming a scoop or have the ability to fold so as to easily move chopped foods to pans and saucers.

So when a person is considering a chopping board which is made of white marble one has to come to the conclusion that it is design, style and grace of place and the feature should be the marble itself rather than any added superior function. With that in mind we showcase several white marble chopping boards below, as well as slate chopping boards, wooden chopping boards and detail their offerings.

Small Heart White Marble Chopping Board

Cute and great as a gift or a personal purchase for your home. Whether you’re in love with your partner or simply food, this small heart shaped white marble chopping board will help you get the job done. It is hand crafted in white Indian marble and would look great serving up a variety of cheeses. Buy here.

Heart Wooden Chopping Boards

While obviously not a white chopping board, many kitchens have more than one board for chopping. Some for meat, another for fish and others to cut veg and use as a serving platter.

Wooden chopping boards in different shapes, like this one in a large heart offer a kitchen an added design feature, and certainly beats a boring rectangular board any day. Buy here.

Light Ash Wooden and Marble Cheese Board

OK, so not entirely a white marble chopping board but part of it is. The Luca Trazzi Legnoart marble and wooden cheese board is designed with both style and function in mind.

The light ash solid wood platform with curved raised serving grid beautifully accentuates the white marble board where you can cut your cheese or meats and place the board directly on the dinner table. Both marble and wooden parts can be removed for easy cleaning. A great way to present a white marble chopping board. Buy.

Large White Heart Marble Chopping Board

You may find the suggestion a little absurd but when are white marble chopping boards not a chopping board? When it is so effective and stylish that it can be used anywhere around the home. On a coffee table, a chest of drawers or vanity unit, even in the garden.

This large white marble chopping board is a large heart shaped kitchen accessory that measures 33cm by 29cm and is perfect for rolling dough on its cool surface or as it is intended, for chopping your toms and carrots all day long. Read more about marble and white accessories here.

Heart Wooden Chopping Boards Set Of Two

Tell your cheese and cold meats than you love them with a pair of brilliantly crafted solid oak wooden chopping boards. Measuring 20cms by 16.5cms, you can chop a variety of foods and is ample room to keep on chopping to your hearts content. Serve pizza slices and buffet foods direct to the table. Buy here.

Chop 2 Pot Plus White Chopping Board

The latest range of chopping boards comes with added functionality. While they don’t do the cutting for you they do make it easier for you to transfer chopped food to the sauce pan, pot or blender.

This Chop 2 Pot Plus Small White Chopping Board from Joseph Joseph folds to become a scoop when you clench the handle and a stylish and innovative addition to the kitchen. Buy.

While choosing a chopping board that will reside in your kitchen from a few to many a year then alongside slate, a marble chopping board comes up trumps in a variety of departments. Being made of marble it is durable, so much so that the knife you use may be blunted over time but then there’s automatic knife sharpeners for that little problem.

Then there’s the fact marble chopping boards can be more easily cleaned. In much the same way as rubber and plastic, marble boards can be easily and quickly cleaned with hot soapy water or even soaked.

And so to the nasty bacteria, not being made from wood means less bacteria and a more resistant surface. To top it all off, a white chopping board looks absolutely smashing as a kitchen accessory and offers the desired effect of elegance and statement. View more white marble chopping boards here. And see if there are any White Company vouchers.