White Stoneware Dinner Sets Dinnerware

Have we found the most ultimate of white stoneware dinner sets to have ever graced the planet ?

I think we have! Whether you’re after single white stoneware plates or single white stoneware milk jugs, there is plenty to cast your eye over and peruse.

For many years people have been buying ceramic dinner sets and dinnerware but raising a house full of children or having a clumsy husband isn’t the best scenario for plates and dishes which are easily broken either in the washing bowl or through use.

Which is why I’m a great fan of stoneware, especially white stoneware dinnerware. White stoneware dinner sets offer more durability and hard wearing strength over other items in the kitchen thanks to the way it is made. Stoneware is made from clay which is high fired, at a higher temperature than that of earthenware.

While any stoneware can obviously still be broken, it is more resistant to being chipped and scratched over any other clay based products. We have found  a wonderful collection of highly fired and highly priced – well not so cheap in any case – white stoneware dinnerware which would make for  a great white stoneware dinner set once assembled in your home.

Fresh in from Portugal, there is an array of white stoneware plates, a magnificent white stoneware coffee cups and milk jug set and a very well designed stoneware platter. For food serving take a peek at the white stoneware bowls and plates and the stoneware mugs and jugs for liquids.

White Stoneware Salad Bowls

I bet you can’t guess where this beauty heralds from? That’s right, the Stoneware capital of Europe… Portugal. It’s not cheap but quality made Stoneware never is. This well rounded white stoneware salad bowl will certainly raise the conversation up a notch.

With a diameter of 30cms it can be used for a healthy and wholesome salad or any pouring of nibbles at any number of functions requiring dinnerware. The bowl is delightfully stylish and in a silky white gloss that is resistant to chips (not fries). Buy the white stoneware salad bowls here.

Large White Stoneware Storage Jars

Another stoneware item from Portugal, I really never knew… it’s the little features that make a lot of products stand out. With these large white stoneware storage jars you receive a zinc coated heart label  enabling you to chalk out the name of the jar’s contents without marking it forever.

That certainly puts paid to the problem of buying a dozen or so white stoneware storage jars and not knowing which is which or staining them with a dozen labels over time. The jars size is H22cm x D19cm. Buy stoneware storage jars here.

Small White Stoneware Storage Jars

As with most stoneware, it is safe to store away or wash in a Dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer. Though why you’d want to put a biscuit tin in a freezer I don’t know. This is the smaller version of the white stoneware storage jar above and measures H16.5cm x D14.5cm with a subtle grey trim around the lid. Buy the stoneware storage jars here.

Large White Stoneware Jugs

Call me whatever you like but I have the best solution for a large white stoneware jug such as this. Many would recommend pouring milk, gravy or sauces or using it to hold flowers or bread sticks but I find there is nothing more delightful than watching blood red wine flowing from a white stoneware jug.

This jug hand crafted from durable stoneware will hold two litres of fluids and measures H21cm x D16cm (at base) with a very wide handle to allow for controlled pouring as well as offering a distinct design. Get white jugs here.

Large Stoneware Platters White

Try as other designers might but food never looks that great unless on a bright white plate, does it? The same goes for serving dishes and large white stoneware platters like the one pictured to the left. White always seems to show off the elegance and scrumptious-ness of the food placed on top.

With a diameter of 50cms, place a few of these white stoneware platters of your table at dinnertime and you’ll be feeding the whole family all night. What is more,stoneware is sturdy and heavy,another reason you can’t beat stoneware as dinnerware or as part of great looking dinner sets, they don’t move all over the shop while you’re trying to cut or eat. Buy white stoneware platters here.

White Stoneware Serving Bowls

As with a lot of the white stoneware dinner sets ensemble pictured on this page, the bowls and platters are made in Portugal and come in a glossy white with a grey trim making the perfect dinnerware for the home or a business such as restaurant or eatery.

The white stoneware serving bowls have a diameter of 34cm and again comes with a subtle grey trim along the edge. Buy bowls here.

White Stoneware Rectangular Platters

As someone who loves British history and partaking in tea and scones I cannot get enough of this Portuguese Stoneware. The stoneware dinner sets are mostly simple in design but then you find a gem like this white stoneware rectangular platter and you’re won over from an entirely new angle.

The stoneware platter is pictured with coffee cup and saucer below and looks quite enticing and magical. The stoneware white platter itself is 32cm long, is glossy white and has a hand painted grey trim with a circular hole which I presume is for hanging or acting as a grip.

The platters make for great stoneware dinnerware and can be used for cold meats, cakes, cheeses or any non drip foods. View the rectangular platter here.

Stoneware Coffee Cups Saucers with Milk Jug

And here they are, the magnificent and captivating white stoneware coffee cups with cute little white stoneware saucers. Talk about Alice in Wonderland dinnerware, if you love coffee you’ll love these grey tinted white stoneware coffee cups and if you don’t, then may well use them for tea!

These are perfect as a present as come in a beautiful boxed set. In the set will be a pair of white stoneware coffee cups and saucers and of course the little white stoneware milk jug that you can see in the background. Buy the set here.

White Stoneware Pasta Bowls

They’re called pasta bowls as that’s more desirable but they’re also Heinz soup bowls, Kelloggs cornflakes bowls and naughty dessert bowls. Made for any occasion and containing ample room for any dish these white stoneware bowls will have you serving up something in them at every meal time.

Resistant to scratches and chipping and also dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. Get the bowls and beautiful white stoneware dinner set’s wares here.

White Stoneware Nesting Bowls Set of 3

Another item in this fantastic Portuguese white stoneware collection. Miniature milk bowls for cats… No to be honest, these are white stoneware nesting bowls which can be used during cooking or as dinnerware and tableware to serve butter, sugar, croutons or any number of smaller foody necessities.

I’d quite like to use them for chocolate M and Ms. Measuring from 4cmto 7cms in height and widths from 11cm to 15cm including handle you can serve several cats a four course meal or provide titbits to your family at meal times. Buy the white stoneware nesting bowls here.

Stoneware Mugs White

With a height of 11.5cm and a diameter of 9cms this stoneware mug is a bit more dainty than the mug I am use to,which would probably contain at least two cups of tea. But as mugs go there is ample room for the majority to sup on the hot liquids inside and a small handle to the white stoneware mugs. Buy mugs here.

White Stoneware Heart Plates Set of 3

These white stoneware plates in a heart shaped loving ensemble can be used for almost anything and don’t necessarily have to remain in the kitchen. Use them for jewellery in the bedroom, trinkets on the living room table or food as stoneware dinnerware on the dining table. There’s three of differing sizes and they nestle after washing like little Russian dolls.

The entire white stoneware dinner set’s contents are available to buy individually but as an entire stoneware dinnerware solution they really are the business. I’m still getting my head around the fact they’re imported from Portugal. White Portugal stoneware – nope still puzzled. Buy stoneware plates.

White Stoneware Heart Serving Bowls

Finally something to serve hot boiling tats from. Stoneware is great when it comes to hot foods. Watch as the steam rises and the food is perfectly assembled within a sturdy white stoneware dinnerware that will have mum speechless and admiring for a quite a while. A win win in anyone’s book.

Use these white stoneware serving bowls that are again heart shaped and serve a multitude of foods at the dinner table. Buy the stoneware heart bowls here.

White Small Stoneware Jug

There are three stoneware jugs in this Portuguese stoneware series, one comes with the coffee cups and saucers set and the other like this white small stoneware jug can be bought separately.

Others may suggest putting trinkets in this small white jug or other items that are used daily but I’d argue. Simply leave this white stoneware jug, as miniature as it is at H9cm x D7cm (at top) and serve rich cream for coffee or mince pies. Buy small stoneware jug here.

White Stoneware Round Flat Plates

What white stoneware dinner set wouldn’t be complete without a stoneware plates solution. These large white stoneware platers are round with a raised edge which will contain any foods while carrying them to the table to be served.

The white stoneware round flat plates are equally suitable as plates in their own right. Yes you can use as a tray or a serving plate but I would gleefully eat my dinner off of these as they measure 26.8cm x H 2.2cm. just perfect for Sunday lunch. Buy round white stoneware plates here.

I am hoping you agree that this phenomenal set of white stoneware dinnerware from Portugal with it’s emphasis on subtle design and hand crafted functional elements, really does hit the spot. It’s so wonderful to find a range of stoneware dinnerware that solves so many serving and presentation needs and wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant or stately home pantry. Get The White Company voucher codes here to save money.