William Yeoward Crystal Vase And Glassware

If you haven’t heard of William Yeoward then your passion probably hasn’t been immersed in the realms of interior design at any point in the last twenty years. While not an all round household name, the brand which is William Yeoward Crystal is certainly starting to take on that miscalculation on both sides of the Atlantic.

William Yeoward crystal, vase and glass is being bought and delivered worldwide thanks to a reputation for classic and modern design that embodies the needs and wants of people today as well as combining those of yesteryear. Many of the crystal decanters, centre pieces, table pieces, vases and candle sticks are lightly based on antiques from the Georgian period, 18th and 19th century.

So how does all this crystal fit into the ideal home of today? Simply put, the glass is handmade and engineered with design and use in mind from the very outset. While elegant and showy in design concept, each glassware has use at its heart.

From the Alexis silver candle stick to the Karen crystal champagne bucket and of course the ever so delectable Caprice crystal centre piece. The names being hints to the collections behind the items. The enormity of the design is truly captivating when items are lovingly placed in your home. Centrepiece is a phrase that’s under estimated when William Yeoward Crystal adorns your home.

Aside from the William Yeoward London furniture and home interior stores on the Kings Road and in New York’s Manhattan, the crystal collections can also be bought online. And at Squillions – being lovers of decadence and showcasing high end merchandise, we’ve highlighted below several¬†handmade crystal items from various collections that caught our eye.

1. William Yeoward Crystal Caprice Table Centrepiece

This three piece crystal table centrepiece is an extraordinary 22 inches in height. Straight from the cool and collected design house of William Yeoward’s own visionary mind comes this revolving crystal plate with flower vase atop should you so choose to use it that way.

Based on the design of a Regency original, we’re not going to reveal the price of this intellectually charming Caprice centrepiece as clearly after enduring the mouth-watering image, it’s bought and in your home already. Buy here.

2. WY Handmade Crystal Inez Spherical Vase Glass

As luxury gifts go, this is stupendous. I have half a mind to buy this very elegant handmade crystal Inez spherical vase and amaze my guests by placing goldfish inside or some very, very, very young, very expensive Koi.

Again height is where fine cut crystal comes into its own. At 12 inches it’s staggering to think how much work has gone into this piece of hand crafted crystal. Full with flowers, I’m sure you and your goldfish will be very happy indeed. Buy here.

3. Crystal Cordelia Champagne Jug Glassware

For those in the know as much as your typical crystal glassware supremo, then grapes chiselled into fine crystal ware will be of no surprise. But to you and I, this grapevine design is simply too cute to turn down.

The grape vine that surrounds the circumference of this crystal jug is astounding. From the sumptuous lip to the fine grip chisels on the handle to the grooved base which reflects the light, I am awestruck!

I have never had to drink champagne from a jug, nor a glass much preferring the bottle but one would have to indulge in some upper class etiquette should I ever be in the same room as this fantastically crafted William Yeoward crystal champagne jug. Awesome grapes darling! Buy here.

4. William Yeoward Crystal Athena Champagne Jug glassware

This champagne jug reminds me of a wine flute or yard ale. I think perhaps that was what William’s initial design concept was. After all it has an handle to offer the perfect steady downing of its nineteen inch length. Crikey.

This crystal jug holds, as Amara declares, ‘two pints love” or as those with decorum would say, forty fluid ounces. There is a secret to this 19th century based crystal piece, the neck is slim keeping the champers bubbling. Buy here.

5. William Yeoward Crystal Helen Decanter Tumblers

This crystal ware is enclosed in a magnificent presentation boxed set making it an easy gift for a wedding or company retirement present.

The crystal set from the Helen collection contains a an engraved bauble stopper spirit decanter and four tumblers beautifully presented within a purple lining.

6. William Yeoward Crystal Alexis Silver Candlestick

No madame you’re not tipsy, but I don’t mind if I do. It’s a palm tree. Gold ferns adorn this beautiful silver candlestick atop a hand crafted crystal shaft and circular stepped base. At 11 inches high, the candle will certainly be blowing in the wind.

And with a ¬£500 price tag you’d think it would come with a candle but if it did, it would probably be designed by William himself, and setting alight to such an item would be sacrilege. Buy here.

7. WY Crystal Candle Lamp Lucia Hurricane

Who am I to argue!?! Amara calls it a lamp. Mr Yeoward calls it a lamp, so it must be a crystal candle lamp. We have to remember that most modern day terms have a basis in history.

Based loosely on a Georgian piece this Lucia Hurricane – named so due to the elongated vase preventing wind from blowing out the candle I presume – is topped with olive engravings and what I can only state is a remarkable offset square base which makes the Georgians look like kings of design before their time. Buy here.

8. William Yeoward Crystal Decanter Bottle Fern

The 1800’s were an awesome time to live in the British Empire and this design speaks of an age we’re not allowed to worship. But as this is an over eighteen item and a crystal decanter containing 800ml of alcohol I will continue. Hic!

Surrounding this handmade fine cut crystal decanter bottle are several engraved ferns. The upper class gentry were whimsical about exotic plants and this showed through to the design process, much as fashion shows through in modern times today. The bottle is topped with a Fern engraved stopper. One word, capital E. Elegant. Buy here.

9. Yeoward Crystal Ships Decanter Ariadne Glassware

A little history, when Nelson was crying out to Hardy for him to kiss him. It was thanks to the beautiful invention of a ship’s decanter. So called thanks to its wide base and gravity resistance it allowed Captains to get more drunk thanks to less spillage.

If ship’s decanters were not in this marvellous paper weight design, who knows what Nelson might have uttered instead. So when you buy a crystal ships decanter, you’re buying into hundreds of years of sailing history. And William Yeoward has recreated the essence of such with this Ariadne ships decanter glassware with perfect chiselled hand grip. Buy

10. Crystal Champagne Bucket Karen Wine Glassware

At 23cms in height you’ll not be concerned about how cold your champagne is while you’re chilling with friends, with this William Yeoward crystal champagne bucket sitting between you.

Fill with ice and let the Karen collection do her work. This fine hand cut crystal glassware has amazing fine indents which reflect against the ice inside. Illuminating!

Crystal glassware are perfect as self indulgent items or as gifts for anniversaries and weddings as mementos of those perfect days. The William Yeoward glass and crystal collection is becoming world renowned and should be pride and place in any home. Fine design comes at a price worth spending. View more enchanting crystal centrepieces, vases and glass at Amara.