Win Your Dream Supercar At BestOfTheBest

Supercars, the best of the best at BestOfTheBest. If you haven’t flown out of the country in the last decade then I can quite believe you haven’t heard of them. However with national telly ads, newspaper coverage and some amazing luxury car competitions, super car sweepstakes and word of mouth virals, you must surely know that they’re the number one operators of airport car competitions in the UK and around the world.

Winning is something most of us can only hope happens. To win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest, for most of us that will require working for thirty years and earning it through hard graft rather than the chance turn of a card or a lucky sweepstake after you enter to win a car online.

At Squillions you’re either looking to spend, try your luck or save some money. At BestOfTheBest you can do all three. There is an amazing array of posh luxury cars in over 170 car sweepstakes that either last a month or several.

Win a car sweepstakes aren’t a new concept, they’ve been running for decades but were usually hosted by car hypermarkets in America and on sales forecourts as UK car competitions to attract media attention. Today everything is online with millions of people around the world able to enter to win a car online.

Win Your Dream Supercar At BestOfTheBest – But Which One To Try For?

When you enter an airport car competition or one on show outside a shopping centre or supermarket, the choice is usually easy.

Fill out your details, enter the free car competition and away you go. With Best Of The Best supercar competitions it is slightly different.

There are over 150 cars and supercars available to win at any one time. While the choice is great and the decision long, this enables you to enter a draw to win a car either depending on the amount of money in your pocket or with a strategy to win in mind.

Competitions that require skill and random choice at the end probably deserve a little strategy if you are very keen on winning a car. However the majority will just check their bank balance and choose the risk they are most acquainted with. While a Supercar worth over £100k would be fantastic, a one off £25 quid might still be deemed a risk.

Buying a certain amount of tickets in a competition to win cars with each costing £3 may well be a more worthwhile attempt. But we talk strategy further down, let’s get back to the amazing luxury and sports cars and get you on your way to win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest.

When you click on the Supercar Competition page at Best Of The Best you will be presented with three drop down boxes and different ways to search for your dream supercar. Search by style of car, make of car or by cost of the ticket and risk.

Ladies and Gentleman, if you want to win a high end car you need to take maximum risks on the corners and go all out on the straight if you want to win. In the £20 to £25 a ticket category we have a Mercedes SLS AMG, Bentley Continental GTC Speed, Ferrari 458, McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini LP560-4, Mercedes CL65 AMG and a very sporty Aston Martin Rapide S.

We can’t list all the cars here, though we might try. You will find the Aston Martin Rapide S in the Saloon category next to the Jaguar XFR-S and so on. No matter your choice of car, there is dream supercar at BestOfTheBest for you to try to win.

Cost To Enter To Win A Car At BestOfTheBest And Chances To Win

The competition to win a car is still a partly random process, only not a straight out of the hat prize winner. So as to comply with UK competition regulations there needs to be a skill involved with every chance to win a car whether paid or free to enter.

With BestOfTheBest you are asked to play spot the ball with every ticket entry. Simply choose where you think or believe the ball to be when you pay for your online competition to win a car and your chosen coordinates will be registered.

Then when the car competition closes, a professional panel or a single judge will estimate where the centre of the ball’s position is according to their reasoned and professional opinion as a referee. Not where the ball is in the actual photo taken. The closest entrant to the judges coordinates wins.

The contest to win a car is still a random event and you can enter as many times as you wish. The cost ranges from £3 to £25 depending on how super the super car is. For instance if you wish to try to win a mini cooper then the ticket is only £3 as the value of the car is only £22,000 but if you choose to enter to win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest like a Ferrarri 458 or a McLaren MP4-12C which cost in the region of £170,000 and ticket entry is £25.00.

The chance to win a family car or win a sports car of course is based on the referees decision, and if you’re a football fan you’ll understand this all too well. But as statistics go. There are a certain amount of tickets available for each car, once that limit is reached, then the final judgement occurs.

Say there are 5000 available tickets for a certain super car sweepstake, that would be a one in five thousand chance, if you buy two tickets, a one in 2500 chance and so on. As for the final decision by the judge on who wins… any mathematician will tell you that’s a chance in a million as who can ever tell what a referee is thinking!?! But there is a strategy…

Enter To Win A Supercar And Use Best Of The Best Discount Codes And Special Offers

Spending money on competitions is a risk and should be seen as a fun way to win something, not an investment.

You can apply strategy as hinted at below but otherwise it’s a game of chance with skill decided by a judge. If you apply strategy or wish to apply additional risk to win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest then read on.

When you purchase a ticket, you will be immediately tempted to enter again. The process is simple, there are two special offers for the general public. Buy ten tickets to win a car and you will receive a 40% discount, buy five tickets and you will get a 20% discount applied.

On top of the special offers, if you’re a really avid car competition nutter, you can join the Best Of The Best Supercharged Club otherwise known as the S Club. In effect it’s free to join, you simply need to have entered six car competitions to win your dream supercar. The benefits of which are;

A 25% in game credit if you are close to the judge’s coordinates, if you win you will be offered an advanced driving tuition course free of charge, an absolutely free entry into monthly car competitions for days out at festivals, car shows and track and experience days. And lastly, one free supercar competition ticket as a bonus for loyalty which is unfortunately a one off event.

Aside from all those goodies, you can also find regular BestOfTheBest discount codes at Squillions which will give you a further 20% off your Supercar competition tickets. Check for the latest Best Of The Best voucher codes here.

Free Competitions For Ultimate Supercar Experience Days Out

It’s not just about paying to win a car online, there is also the opportunity to enter free car competitions related to experience days. There are often a variety of free entry only car competitions that could see you drive away with a driving day at Palmer sport, a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix, a Supercar tour of the Brecon Beacons or break the 200MPH barrier on a test track in a 200 MPH challenge involving a Lamborghini Aventador.

The majority of the free to enter car competitions rely on the spot the ball coordinates to decide a winner, the closest to the judges pick gets to go on a car adventure. So alongside the many car sweepstakes and a contest to win money, there’s also an array of ultimate supercar experience days to be won at tracks and on the open road across the UK.

Not Just A Supercar Competition But Luxury Watch Sweepstakes Too

Once upon a time BOTB only dealt in supercar competitions. They now also delve into luxury watch sweepstakes too. The watch competition is growing from strength to strength and at any one time offers up to twelve to choose from. Retailer prices range from 3,000 to 6,000 and Rolex Submariner to a Cartier Tank Francaise.

The same rules apply and the same skill game of spot the ball is utilised to give a random chance at winning the watches. The entry prices for tickets to win watch competitions are far less than the car entry, which means you can risk a little more in trying to win an expensive watch while paying out for a Swatch.

Win Your Dream Car At The Airport Car Competition And In Shopping Centres

You can find Best Of The Best and some of the cars mentioned above, on display at locations around the UK, in Europe and across the world.

Obviously not all of the car competition supercars can be displayed to the public at all time however there is more than one way to win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest.

Enter the car competition online via the spot the ball display or by entering at any of the following locations where a Best Of The Best staff member will assisst you in your choice and help with any questions about the sweepstake and rules of the contest to win a new car.

View a Best Of The Best Supercar on show, live and in full colour at London Gatwick North, London Stansted, Manchester terminals one and two, Edinburgh airport, Birmingham airport, Dublin airport, Copenhagen airpot and Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush and Stratford.

All of the airport car competitions are just as easy to enter as online, just when you see them up close and personal it’s that little more tempting to spend returning from holiday or as you’re flying off on your business trip.

Win your dream supercar at BestOfTheBest and start your engine and try your luck by viewing the latest supercar competition here.