World’s Biggest Trampoline Longest Fast Track Art

Being Russia and having the largest land mass in the world, it seems appropriate that as a country it would hold the largest outdoor art display in the world too. At the Russian art exhibition named Archstoyanie 2012, deep in the Ugra national park you can find a bouncy airport runway, entitled Fast Track.

You can discover several art installations in Nikola-Lenivets village, one of which is the world’s longest trampoline, nay in all probability the world’s biggest trampoline. Art for centuries has been a rich man’s hobby where installations have been concerned and not very usable to the public.

However Salto Architects have managed to blend art with interaction,  innovation as well as a landscape picture. If Fast Track was built 3000 years ago, people would be claiming UFOs required ‘bounce’ to get their spaceships off the ground. Which neutron and electron wise  isn’t too far from the truth.

Made from reinforced rubber, Fast Track is undoubtedly the world’s biggest trampoline. There are of course huge types of trampoline in Japan and at theme parks around the world but to be  of true trampoline definition, they usually need to be built with rubber and of one layer stretched. So yes this is probably, for now, the world’s largest and longest trampoline.

It is 170 ft in length and to build anything of similar size in your back garden you would need eleven rectangular trampolines to compete but you still wouldn’t have the glide and sensation of travel that the art installation Fast Track provides.

Squillions is putting its art head on for a moment. The architects were seeking a way of breaking down the view of infrastructure as we sample and know it in every day use. And we feel they have done this exceeding well. Roads and pathways are often generic with no thought to the environment it pervades

With Fast Track being the world’s biggest trampoline we can view it several different ways. In the dark it lights up as a runway, in the light it looks like any other road at first glance, albeit with no pot holes. As an art piece which can be used and experimented with you can experience the landscape and woodland in a way you never have been able to before.

You can jump into the trees,  and for a time see all around, you can move fast and fluid just as an antelope might view its surrounds at speed and gallop. You are free of all underfoot and can experience nature as animals do. Furthermore as a landscape piece you can imagine what roads could be like, by viewing at different angles, the processes that many architects of infrastructure forget today, that not all has to be the same.

An example of this thinking is the road in London outside the London Science Museum. Completely breaking down barriers and challenging all current rules of law and society when it comes to traffic and order. OK, so it may just be a long piece of reinforced rubber but once interacted with and viewed, your perception of roads and art it itself may well change forever.

The world’s longest trampoline is an interactive art piece. However if you’ve now got a taste for trampolines and your children are crying out for one of their own after seeing the world’s biggest trampoline in Russia. Have a look at a few circular trampolines, rectangle trampolines, square trampolines, garden trampolines and kids trampolines below.

1. Kanga Hi Power 16ft Circular Trampoline Enclosure

Ok, it’s not Fast Track, it’s not 170 foot long and it doesn’t look like a runway but boy can you bounce and safely too! This 16ft circular trampoline from Kanga has 132 216mm springs which is very bouncy and comes complete with a 2.5 metre safety net enclosure with closed cell foam padding.

Hungry for more? You and your children don’t need to go all the way to Russia and to Nikola-Lenivets village to bounce around, although Russia is a very lovely country. Spend your flight money on a garden trampoline instead.  View the world’s biggest trampolines for your garden here.