WorldStores TV Adverts Featured Furniture Products

There is simply no escape, whether you have denied yourself a television due to the BBC licence fee or don’t trust the radio due to subliminal messages while wearing your aluminium tin foil hat… the Worldstore TV advert that has hit the nation is now online and beaming into your home and on your handheld devices wherever you are.

The thirty second television Worldstores advert snippet is crammed pack full of colourful, well designed, contemporary household furniture items and accessories all rolled out to a snappy little piano tune in the background. If the images alone don’t capture your attention, then the sweet talking lady doing the voice over most certainly will when she mentions “up to 50% off RRP.”

Watch The Worldstores TV Advert 2013 Below

The Worldstores advert states “Jump into a whole world of choice at WorldStores dot co dot uk ,where you’ll find a world of sofas at up to 50% off RRP. A world of beds at comfortable prices, a world of dining sets at discounts you’ll love. And a huge range of kid’s furniture for their little world.”

“So for great prices, trusted brands and next day delivery on thousands of items, choose Everything for the home.”

Everything for the home, indeed. Let’s have a closer look at all the products that caught your attention on the Worldstores tv advert and really drill down on the brands they say you’ll know and love and at prices you know you’ll love.

A World Of Sofas…

Byron Corner Sofa

The second piece of furniture featured on the Worldstores TV advert for 2013, appears to be the fabric and faux leather-look Byron corner sofa. This contemporary sofa with scatter back cushions and available as right hand or left hand combination can be found here amongst the others on the advert.

A World Of Beds…

Barcelona Bed Frame High Foot End

The first bed shown in the tv advert in March was the Barcelona bed frame with high foot end. Coming in solid pine and king size, double and single.

There is a wide range of matching furniture pieces and all at an affordable price and below RRP. Read more here.

Milan Bedstead

Featured second in the ad is a stylish and modern wooden bed, the Milan Bedstead. Available in double and king size, at under £100 you can’t go far wrong with this low lying piece of bedroom furniture that has a walnut veneer and chrome legs.

Read more here.

Marseille Sleigh Bed Frame

The final bed to show on the World stores TV Advert is the Marseille Sleigh Bed frame. A fantastic brown faux leather furniture piece that will be the masterpiece of the bedroom.

Arched curved head and foot boards with five panel stitching perfectly compliment this sleigh bed from top to tail. To see this bed and others view the vast bed section at Worldstores.

A World Of Dining Sets…

Calgary Solid Oak Faux Leather Dining Chair

The chairs positioned around the wooden dining room table on the 2013 tv advert that show first, are an ensemble of six Calgary solid oak chairs that are perfect for dining room lounging as well as upright eating keeping manners and etiquette in place. With faux leather covers, they’re comfortable and very stylish and come in brown or cream. View them here.

Pablo 90cm Round Dining Table 4 Tone Chairs

The last of the dining sets to feature on the telly is a smashing little simple and colourful table and chair set from Wilkinson.

The outwardly curved chrome legs support the wooden table top in a stylish, contemporary fashion and the bland white sheen is offset by brightly coloured chairs that are equally curved to match the table’s design. Buy the set here.

And A Huge Range OF Kid’s Furniture For Their Little World…

The advert for worldstores also features a range of children’s bedroom furniture, some similar items are pictured above. With a great many household departments, you can find racing car beds, fairytale story beds and low sleeper storage cabins.

The Worldstores TV advert does fail to mention one important factor about their website however. They have enlisted the very beautiful, attractive and smooth speaking TV Presenter, Carol Smillie to host a range of videos to advise exactly why you should choose to shop with Worldstores online instead of all other retailers which fail to employ Carol Smillie as the face of their online presence.

Watch the video here and click ‘Why Buy’ where Carol mentions a seven day no quibble refund policy. If I received Carol Smillie in the post, there’s no chance I’d quibble or be returning her. I may even get another…

Watch The Worldstores TV Advert 2012 Below

The 2012 Worldstores TV Advertisement stated “There’s a world of choice at  with up to 50% off RRP on over 2500 stylish sofas, over 6500 fabulous beds, and over 1000 superb dining sets at prices you know you’ll love. From top brands you know and love. Plus next day delivery on thousands of items, Everything for the home.”

Over 2500 Stylish Sofas…

Some of the sofas featured in the 2012 TV advert for Worldstores and which are still in stock, are the Anton Reclining 3 Seater Sofa, Prima Fabric Corner Sofa and Carla Fabric Sofa Bed. All of which are pictured above.

Have a look at the wide range of over 300,000 household and home furnishing products and find out why Worldstores is one of the largest home and garden online retailers in the UK. If you want savings on other furniture and furnishings check for the latest WorldStores discount codes and click to view the thousands of other products they couldn’t fit on their Worldstores TV Advert – which would have probably needed at least 33 years of air time.