XtremeEyez Coloured Contact Lenses For Halloween

Before you get on your broomstick and fly off for a test drive, have you covered all the bases? At most parties you are vying for everybody’s attention and to look your best but a Halloween party really does bring out the competitive streak. With XtremeEyez coloured contact lenses for Halloween you’ll not only turn heads but mesmer-eyes at the same time. Buy these Halloween contact lenses.

For a long time contact lenses have been helping people have better vision. As with any invention that is intended for a serious purpose, it’s not long before some clever sausage comes up with a way to have fun with them. Enter coloured contact lenses for Halloween or any occasion when you really want to get inside someone’s head Zombie style (they eat brains) or throat and being a vampire.

This a is a true story. On my way back from a football match at Norwich, and you could say, under the influence. I was about to rest my head on the table and nod off for the two hour journey back to Londinium when I heard a noise and I turned around. There, sat at one of the tables, was a very spooky man, who had eyes that simply were not human. My first thought was not that they were coloured contact lenses.

Looking back it was obvious they were similar to the XtremeEyes contact lenses but there and then and in the moment, I was quite certain that an alien being or feared creature of the night had caught a ride to join his equally ghoulish mates in the East End. To the unknowing these coloured contact lenses for Halloween that come in a range of different styles and colours really do make you look the part.

I didn’t only look once at the man with coloured contact lenses. I think I probably turned around a dozen times over the space of an hour before nodding off. Perhaps he really was a modern day Count Dracula and he used his powerful stare to send me to sleep. But as I’m not a buxom blonde and a virgin, I think perhaps the XtremeEyes contact lenses really do fool me.

Imagine the fun you could have wearing these coloured contact lenses for Halloween and matching them to the fancy dress costume you’ll be wearing on all Hallows Eve. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be the only one at the party wearing these Halloween contact lenses. They’re not for everyone as some people don’t like putting things in their eyes but for one night only, you’ll be the talk of the town for months to come.

There are several different styles of coloured contact lenses for Halloween and they all have an idea for a costume to match. In the Xtreme Eyes contact lenses range there is red, blue, white, yellow, black and silver. Leaving you plenty of choice no matter which character you dress. Let’s go through the different coloured contact lenses and see if there’s a pair for you-ooooooo – that was a howl and so are these!

Style: Zombie Contact Lenses

Get the full on walking dead effect with these grey Xtreme Eyes coloured contact lenses. You’ve been practising the zombie walk for weeks, you’ve got your face make up sorted and have been down the local dump for some tatty old clothes to make your costume look like you’ve been dead for years. These Zombie contact lenses will add the finishing touch and make for great coloured contact lenses for Halloween parties.

Style:Wizard & Witch Eye Contact Lenses

Cackle cackle cackle, boiled frogs legs and Gentleman’s tackle, do you want to be all about toil and trouble? Have a right bubble (bath = laugh) with these black out Xtreme Eyes Contact Lenses. Every witch or wizard from Merlin to the witches in the Wizard of Oz have had dark black eyes when spell binding. While a broomstick and a pointy hat should suffice, go the extra mile and bung in some coloured contact lenses for the next magical gathering.

Style: Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit Contact Lenses

Which monsters and characters have yellow eyes? Could this pair freaky contact lenses kind of look like the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Perhaps… To be fair, Vampires, Zombies, Wizards and Witches have all had different colour eyes. And these Golden XtremeEyes Contact Lenses can make you look the part. Or be fun for any event or occasion where coloured contact lenses will turn heads. Why not wear them to work and see if you can get the day off?

Style: Werewolf Contact Lenses

These true to life Werewolf contact lenses from XtremeEyes really do make you look as if you’re related to the canine kingdom proper. If you look at your dog or cat you’ll notice their eyes change shape in the dark, it’s really quite freaky if you watch too much. You can have the same effect with these yellow and black Xtreme Eyes coloured contact lenses for Halloween. With the full moon appearing from behind a cloud, put the lenses in and get ready to strut your pose, expand your bones and grow a lot of hair.

Style: Devil Contact Lenses

Who is really the supreme underworld being of Halloween? A witch, Jason? a vampire? Who is more opposed of all things Godly, who was around when legends began and pretty much gave birth to all horror? No, not Tony Blair, the Devil of course, the Antichrist, Satan, Beelzebub. Fasten your horns and grab that toothless garden fork and hot 31st October in style with these blood red Xtreme Eyes Contact Lenses for Halloween.

Style: Vampire Contact Lenses

OK, so film makers have been choosing a variety of eye colours lately but these golden Xtreme Eyes coloured contact lenses will ensure no one sucks the blood out of the party but you. Count Duckula or Dracula, eat your heart out as these brilliantly yellow coloured contact lenses for Halloween fix your victims where the stand. You can glide across the floor, wrap your cape around your your next blood bag and suck to your heart’s content with these golden vampire contact lenses.

Thank to American films, Halloween for some people in the UK is a must out-do the others event. don’t settle for a simple fancy dress costume. While you may think, costume, hate, accessories, fake blood, make up and a tablet video on your chest is enough. Believe us, it’s not! Be the wow factor, can you fool the Devil? Trick a witch? Of course you can, be the best and wear the rest with these very cool and stunning XtremeEyes coloured contact lenses for Halloween night.

If you’re looking for money off these very cool Xtreme Eyes contact lenses and wish to save on buying for an entire party with XtremeEyez coloured contact lenses for Halloween, check out the latest ToxicFox discount codes. Alternatively, get stuck right in and choose a pair of coloured contact lenses that match any of the ideas above. Don’t let someone else walk away with that extra slice of pumpkin Pie because you forgot to put your eyes in. Get extreme eyes here.