Zarges Ladders Skymaster, Roof, Loft & Telescopic Scaffold Tower

Zarges are the World’s premier supplier of access equipment to trade, builders, warehouse and retailers. Their company has existed for well over 80 years since first manufacturing Zarges ladders from aluminium in the 1930’s.

In the 21st century their access equipment rules supreme and Zarges ladders are still a very big part of their company profile, so much so that as recently as 2011, they invented the world’s first Zarges telescopic scaffold mobile tower.

To be one of the first companies to introduce sturdy, reliable and quality step ladders from a lightweight material called Aluminium, shows that even all these decades later, Zarges is a brand to be trusted.  Ladders are still made from steel and wood but aluminium ladders are now the most common choice for home owners and businesses.

Combination, Roof Ladder & Fibreglass Swingback Steps

Zarges recently began production with fibreglass ladders, a material which when used in twin sheets can be moulded to provide strengthened and hard wearing products from baths to yes Zarges ladders. not only that but the German company pushed the boundaries and reinvented their world’s first telescopic scaffold mobile tower and now offer it not only in aluminium but fibreglass also.

When transporting materials, hardware, tools and equipment from site to site, whether as a theatre group, events company, self made builder or a full scale operation, travelling light saves costs. Being able to compact equipment into the smallest size and erect with the least parts in the quickest time, saves even more money on the job. Talking of saving, have you checked for UK Tool Centre discount codes yet?

Which is why this company’s brand is probably under your feet without even knowing it. The range includes Zarges Stepmaster, Zarges Skymaster and Zarges Industrial ladder range. They encompass everything from step ladders, wooden loft ladders, swingback steps, combination ladders right down to fantastic accessories such as the Zarges foot platform.

Mobile Mastersteps, Skymaster Industrial & Wooden Loft

With over 500 different types of access equipment enabling your company staff and workers to gain access to tops of buildings with a Zarges roof ladder or for the homeowner with that new converted loft, a Zarges loft ladder. Then arrives the intelligent access equipment. The Zarges Skymaster is an industrial 3 part ladder coming in a variety of different rung sizes from 8, 10, 12 to 14 and is one of the most popular access ladders with a focus on safety first.

The Skymaster is touted as probably the only ladder you will ever need due in part to its three part function. With just one Zarges ladder you can position on stairs, use as an extended pyramid or simply up against the wall. Ingenuity which after purchase seems all too easy to suggest but its inception was a world’s first.

For retailers and warehouses, there is even more choice in the Zarges step ladder range. Mastersteps, a Profort work platform for changing lights and enabling a sturdy platform and protection against falls. a Telepod, a full on Zap access platform all the way up to the trade specials. Items of ladder gold that businesses in the building trade and events company management simply couldn’t do without.

Profort Work Platform, ZAP Access Ladder & Foot Platform

The Zarges Teletower telescopic scaffold tower with toe boards as previously mentioned is the be all and end all in small scale scaffold management. It is available in both aluminium and fibreglass and offers you the ability to transport a full and ready scaffold tower that opens up and erects within three minutes. that’s Zarges ladder technology… telescopic – not a work of fiction, but reality!

The range of Zarges ladders is really quite wide, however as you learn about this long serving company’s ethos it’s not too difficult to understand why they strive for access and achieve it. Solving problems that customers have enables them to sell the ladders that create a solution to reach the heights required while accounting for safety. Which is probably how they designed and devised the world’s first Teletower telescopic scaffold tower.

Throughout this article we have bombarded you with facts, raised your expectations with images of the Zarges ladders available. The Zarges Skymaster ladder, the 3T speedy 80 tower, a fibreglass platform steps and a traditional Zarges wooden loft ladder right down to the stabiliser adjustable safety legs, telemaster telescopic ladder, ladder stay and foot platform accessories. Now it’s time to check out those Zarges ladders online here.

Oh, maybe you wish to see the world’s first telescopic scaffold tower. When upstanding it is four metres high, when compact it will fit in the back of an estate car. It comes in both aluminium and fibreglass for safety against electrical currents and has a telescopic mechanism. OK so it’s not a Zarges ladder as such but all designs started somewhere!