Zombie Blitz 1940 Experience Day At London Waterloo With Wish

There’s only three things more scary than a zombie, the ex girlfriend, the girlfriend and the Mother In-Law. So in that respect there’s plenty of fun to have at the brand new Zombie Blitz 1940 experience day in operation deep underground at Waterloo Station in London. Soon to be known as Waterloon, as that’s what you’ll be after digesting the surroundings and full on zombie experience that you will encounter.

Zombie experience days aren’t a new concept, they’ve been blended with training days, boot camps and an assault against a barrage of real to life zombies which you need to shoot during a paintball game or with beanbags, avoid or battle to win the day. The Zombie blitz 1940 day out is a completely different scenario, while still a physical exercise against the evil dead, you need a bit more intelligence than your average flesh eating zombie.

The whole event lasts for approximately one hour and operates every Sunday in secret war time tunnels under Waterloo Station, recently un-renovated especially to battle zombies that have been left over from World War II. In a kind of parallel with World War Z, it’s not military power but prowess and science and thorough well thought out processes that will see you become the victor over the walking dead in Zombie Blitz.


The whole experience day, which is offered by Wish is an immersive encounter with the intolerable undead. Set in 1940’s London, the backstory understands that experiments were taking place to create an army from dead people.

Science had so far managed to reanimate the brain and flesh but with no real way to control these zombie freaks. In the war against the Nazis, rather than creating an experimental war machine to defeat them, the British actually managed to do worse and enable an army that could well defeat both sides and the entire planet.

Your task on the day, will be to delve into a world in 1940. Time travel to a London suffering from the blitz and air raids by the German air force, where many have been before and try and rectify the problem, defeating the walking dead in the Zombie Blitz 1940 Experience Day at Waterloo station. To escape the enemy in the skies above, you will be escorted under immense pressure down steps to the unknown below as the air raid sirens sound, and you will seek refuge in the tunnels under London.

A problem will soon become apparent, that it was probably a lot safer on the streets above. There are zombies down here and they’re not supping tea, they want your blood, your flesh and your brains. A bomb has landed on the entrance you entered, meaning you require a new escape route. But thanks to the mad British scientists working on behalf of Churchill’s government, there are dead reanimated Nazis down here who wish to tour Piccadilly Circus and beyond.

The Zombie Blitz 1940 experience day will take you through a drama requiring team work. Your party will have at least fourteen other people who you need to work with to defeat the Zombie threat and escape to freedom in the streets above. You will meet a variety of characters in the dress of the era, who will act out their role very vividly to ensure the story takes your mind back to the 1940’s and makes you believe you are really there.


And believe me, when you’re stuck 200 foot underground, in dark, dirty and wet tunnels with the threat of dead people, being guided by military and scientists who are relying on you so all can escape, you will truly feel like the Germans are blitzing London and that it is 1940 and that YOU are on the menu. You will need to crawl around, sometimes in complete darkness, so wear appropriate clothes – you’re not going to the Opera.

If you have never been caving underground or potholing then in all honesty you have never known true and absolute darkness and the tunnels underneath Waterloo Station in London offer that exact same experience. Pure darkness and flesh eating zombies, consider the Mother in Law might be down there too and it’s a situation you’ll be wanting to be over as soon as possible.

From Birmingham to Kent there are a variety of Zombie experience days to be enjoyed, but most deal with training and battling the undead. The Zombie Blitz 1940 day out is about using intelligence and finding a means of escape. Through role play and actionable events which force you to make a decision either way, be eaten alive or suffer the German blitz in the streets above – it’s entirely up to you.

The characters resemble the events surrounding the 1940’s blitz accurately, although the zombie madness is an added touch and of course while we believe there were no zombies back then, how can we be so sure? World War II could well have been all about Zombies in London…

Terror underground, groaning zombies, team work used to escape, pitch black environment on occasions, be entertained and engage with an array of very talented period actors and become an immersive player in an interactive game at the zombie blitz 1940 experience day at Waterloo with Wish. Find out more and dates of availability here. Good luck!