Zombie Invasion Survival Experience Days

Funny, sad or simply a quirk of truth, the UK’s national rags released a story in the midst of Christmas from the MOD and Government no less that set about to reassure the public at large. That should a Zombie invasion occur then the government itself will handle the outbreak and has plans already drawn up should zombies attack nationwide.

Now some of you who went through the recent Zombie experience day on the high streets on Boxing Day may already believe the UK is under attack. As faithful shopping zombies brainlessly flashed their credit cards and cash to get the latest discounts.

That such a top secret document exists to battle any uprising by a zombie nation is a worrying revelation. Crowd disorder, riots, contamination, terrorism, invading armies, nuclear attack are all plans drawn up by government so as to ensure a quick and rapid response to any event escalation but why would the MOD or government release a statement like this?

The Ministry Of Defence replied to a Freedom of Information request with “In the event of an apocalyptic incident (eg zombies), any plans to rebuild and return England to its pre-attack glory would be led by the Cabinet Office, and thus any pre-planning activity would also taken place there.”

“The Ministry of Defence’s role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, not take the lead. Consequently, the Ministry of Defence holds no information on this matter.”

Is a Zombie invasion possible? Is it possible to survive a zombie experience? Can part of a nation’s population really turn into zombies? The fact that various councils in the UK and top officials in government have access to details on how to battle zombies should answer those questions. And it’s a yes to all three.

It is a possibility that certain sections of the UK at some point in the future can turn into zombies. Reading a variety of science magazines and other articulate articles on Zombie invasions and how such a disease might spread, it’s quite plausible that a zombie invasion could occur.

There are two events that could change a Human’s normal bodily functions and brain functions into that of an alien species. In this instance ‘alien’ being abnormal and out of the ordinary.

One way would be the massive biological weapons industry invested in by governments and private researchers around the world into DNA and weapons that can change a human’s behaviour en-mass. After all, why invade a country when you can turn that country’s own population on itself.

The second is contamination of the human nervous system by a virus picked up from an animal. This last event is one that is worrying scientists the world over as viruses born from animals are continuing to spread and unlike DNA research and biological weapons, is uncontrollable and the threat is growing at a fast rate.

These viruses infect humans through food, faeces, fleas, touch and some are even airborne. More commonly known as Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease and several others with extraordinarily long names that while not a virus, many scientists know that it only takes a couple of twists in DNA in the bacteria and it’s not only viral locally but infecting populations worldwide.

As more and more research is done into the chemical make up of the brain, it is more than possible to turn any one single human, by removing or adding chemicals, into raging, violent war machines or simply subservient drugged up follow the leader workers – as if we haven’t got a nation of those already.

We’ve already seen some forms of psychological break down in recent times with the London riots and Boxing Day shopping so with a virus outbreak that attacks parts of the brain functions it could well leave certain parts of the UK dead on their feet. In effect brainless and meandering. Yes just like politicians.

Can a human be made to be violent? Yes. A variety of tests on lab animals will confirm this. Can a human willingly eat the face off another human in an enraged attack? Umm, did you forget Miami and the drugged up Zombie on synthetic marijuana?

So zombies are a real possibility, just as nuclear attack is hence why the government draws up plans just in case a zombie invasion occurs. Having read serious articles on virus outbreaks and control, airborne viruses and those transmitted via infection of the blood stream (raging zombie bites), it’s worthwhile considering how you may defeat any zombie invasion.

We’ve all watched the films, from 28 Days to Shaun of the Dead and all the blockbuster zombie invasion films and so we have an idea how we might cope. Decapitate their heads, it certainly sounds simple enough. But with airborne viruses it may be a little more difficult to survive.

There are a variety of fun, thrilling and entertaining zombie experience days now available to purchase online. Days out where you can learn all about a possible zombie invasion and how to defeat your enemy. You are taught on the day by experienced military experts and shown military tactics and offered techniques in battling the undead while wearing the relevant combat gear.

Zombie Manor House Zombie Experience Day

This Zombie experience day is Resident Evil English countryside style. A top secret government laboratory has gone silent, you are tasked with clearing a 65 acre site of Zombies and trying to rescue any surviving scientists in the Manor House.

Basing in Warrington, Manchester you get to battle Zombies for a few hours at the weekend. As if doing it all week in the office and shop wasn’t hard enough! View more info on the Zombie manor house zombie experience day here.

Zombie Battle London Experience Day

Worried about nuclear fall out or more worried about falling out with your girlfriend who’s now a zombie? Battle Zombies at the Zombie SWAT training camp deep underground at a top secret location in London.

Based in a decommissioned nuclear bunker you will need to fight off a Zombie invasion for several hours in this Zombie experience day. Find out more about the Zombie Battle London experience day here.

Zombie Bootcamp After Dark Experience Day

Based in Droitwich, Birmingham during the Zombie bootcamp experience day and Zombie bootcamp after dark experience you get to hit a Government Research Facility and fight Zombies for four hours.

The Zombie bootcamp runs as both a day event and evening event and runs along a similar mission itinerary. Battle the undead wearing combat gear and receive military training. Find out more here.

Zombie Experience In Kent

As if you didn’t already know, there are a ton of Zombies in Kent just outside London and they have over run a secret compound – not Gillingham Football Club – well perhaps and you are tasked with throwing smoke bombs and using BB guns to wipe out the zombie infestation. Read more here.

Zombie Riot Experience Day Zombies vs Police

This great experience day out is a full on zombie event which sees you play both Zombie and Police snatch squad member in the same day.

Dress as a zombie and learn how to moan and groan like your wife and scare the police as Millwall fan and then swap sides and become the police trying to battle against all odds and defeat the zombie army. Find out more about Zombie Riot Experience here.

Zombie School Experience Day For Two

Welcome to Zombie school experience day based in Droitwich, Birmingham, where you get to learn how to be a true disciple of the living undead, groan, shuffle, moan, dribble and bite (pretend)  just like the real thing.  Go to Zombie School here and then bunk off.

The very fact the British government is prepared for a zombie invasion means you should be too. The human race has seen several plagues and while people survived, many hundreds of thousands did not.The next virus to emerge may well see brain dead, flesh eating zombies roaming wildly, will you be able to set up camp and defeat the threat. You only wish.

For more zombie experience days and other days out that are just as fun and thrilling as the Zombie experiences in London and Manchester Visit Wish.